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There are 10’s of thousands of documents please be patient while we put this twisted puzzle together… 

gofundme_major david ellis

Major David Ellis pan handling for donations for his “legal fund”.

Seems like nobody is falling for his hardship story. GOFUNDME is looking into the matter now.  Judge Bolton is also in the process of reviewing the case including falsification of documents and other evidence and has not yet signed any judgement. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOLKS Stay tuned for the full story.

This feeble minded Ellis thinks that strangers are going to give him 25K to further damage Rodrick.  He illustrates himself with a picture at a bar looking happy and proud.  Why in the world would he possibly ever think that anyone else should pay his way?  A hard working honorable man does not ask strangers for handouts to settle a score with his girlfriends x-husband. His behavior defies logic and is an assault to the sensibilities of decent men & women.
Go Fund Me pages are wonderful. They are truly a Godsend for people dying of cancer and children fighting against diseases. They are perfect for people that truly need money to receive the help they need, in most cases, to save their lives. How can such a con artist even with a straight face beg strangers for money? It is nothing short of incomprehensible.

DAVID ELLIS IN NOW MAKING THREATS TO POST ADDRESSES OF VARIOUS PEOPLE TO THE “DISGRUNTLED OF THE WORLD”  The Andrew Grey Post is Child Molester Adam Galvez under yet another alias.  This has been confirmed to be a crime in Washington for a convicted child molester and required to register to be using an alias online.  AUTHORITIES HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED IN BOTH THESE MATTERS.
posting of address-2



FINALLY!! We have been notified media may be coming to phoenix wanting to perform interviews about David Ellis. We are looking forward to participating in the interviews. Any other media sources please use our contact form We would be glad to speak with you as well.


Thank you Polly Kotowski @ CrimeWatch for allowing us to provide documentation such as depositions,declarations and sworn testimony about David Michael Ellis, American Aerospace Technical Castings – Holly Johnson Oakes & Others in order to expose the lies of sex offenders and non sex offenders such as Susan Galvez – Glenn Wyrick – Janine Graves AND OTHERS. WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING WITH YOU AND PROVIDING ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.


Chris Hansen will anchor “Crime Watch Daily” from New York, with reporters Matt Doran, Jason Mattera, Ana Garcia, Andrea Isom and Michelle Sigona all returning.

“I’ll also be traveling and doing stories,” he says. “I’m going to be very involved in terms of reporting and getting inteviews we want to get. I think that’s why I add value to the show — I’ve got 34 years of reporting crime and breaking news; if I call the sheriff’s department in NY or in Michigan, they take the call, so we get access.

Chris we are excited to provide you as much content as you need








Susan K Galvez Shoreline WA a hospital records exployee (mother of convicted child molester Adam Galvez)  claimed she was identified on the a sex offender website as a “convicted sex offender required to register with a Sex Offender Registry,” was “threatened” with “extortion” to remove these allegations and paid to have content associated to her removed from the SOR websites.

The degree of utter ridiculousness and Abuse of Process of the litigation process was exposed for all present to witness when Susan Galvez was asked by the defense counsel to confirm her allegations that she had been “identified on the website at issue as a sex offender but who have not been convicted of a sex offense.” To which she responded:

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Believing the question must have been misunderstood, the defense counsel reworded the same question:

“So you don’t remember suing my clients because you claim that one or more of the three websites at issue falsely identifies you as an individual required to register as a sex offender?” Again the answer was the same shocking admission: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

A third attempt of clarification was requested: “So that would be false, right? You’re not claiming that….–“ To be interrupted by Susan Galvez with an emphatic confirmation without reservation: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Even judge Bolton intervened and made sure Susan Galvez understood the questions being asked

After 40 months of litigation with OVER 400 docket entries to the Court’s Record (a lot of entries), Susan Galvez testified she had no idea what her claims in the lawsuit had been and/or submitted by attorney Janice Bellucci. Susan Galvez also admitted to reading and ultimately signing all of the complaints including multiple amended complaints.  Court records show there were various sworn declarations and signatures on the amended complaints throughout the 40 month case.

The Jury obviously found in favor of the Defendants dismissing all 5 of the false claims of Susan Galvez.

The lawsuit against Susan Galvez for this abuse of process is pending. The law firm handling the case is seeking damages exceeding 1 million dollars and expected to be filed on or before Sept 10 Stay Tuned.. Other individual suits in various states are pending.

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According to court records David Ellis Protected his father instead of his OWN daughter. 





Major David Ellis, who retired from the Marines after 28 years of service, has appeared to move on to a course of advocacy defending and advancing the political and legal issues of convicted sex offenders. This post military career path is somewhat perplexing to understand. Why does one go from serving the United States Marine Corps to teaming up to support and advance the sex offender advocacy agendas – teaming up with corrupt attorneys, child molesters, child rapists, child porn criminals and violent sexual assault offenders? Although Major David Ellis has repeatedly made numerous public proclamations of his disdain for anyone he deems to be a “felon,” resorting to dimwitted name calling of individuals not in his sex offender circles. This is particularly odd considering his families criminal history and general dynamics. His father Robert F. Ellis was convicted of child molesting his granddaughter (David’s daughter)*.Engaging in such hypocrisy is baffling, yet a consistently repeated discourse by Major David Ellis which is to convey one set of principles verbally but documented actions that completely contradict such beliefs. Major David Ellis is the very definition of a hypocrite.

UPDATE; IN RESPONSE TO A POST BY CHILD MOLESTER ADAM GALVEZ “I can tell you all that David Ellis’s Father was not charged with a felony yet we have two true felons disgracing this honorable man”


Below is just a portion of the court records.


For The Few That Know What This Means.. Thanks For The Laugh:)

On 08/16/2016 Major David Ellis posted publically he has been in recent contact with Admiral Richard Dunleavy and posted he has some log files coming  about Charles Gilson.We can not wait to see them.  Read More About David Ellis

Admiral Richard Dunleavy Demoted 83 women and 7 men stated that they had been victims of sexual assault.



David Ellis Claims To Be “BUDS” With Admiral  Dunleavy who was involved in an assault83 women and 7 men, or otherwise engaged in “improper and indecent” conduct at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada

Main article: Tailhook scandal

Admiral Dunleavy was the highest-ranking officer at the annual Tailhook Association Symposium in Las Vegas, NV. After the convention was over, 83 women and 7 men stated that they had been victims of sexual assault and harassment during the meeting. As a result of the subsequent investigation Admiral Dunleavy took full responsibility for the incident.[12]

He was one of three admirals given a censure for his part in planning the event. It was determined that Admiral Dunleavy was the individual most responsible for the failures at Tailhook and that his performance of duties after Tailhook was similarly flawed. He had acknowledged that he encouraged “leg shaving,” that he knew that strippers were performing and that he was aware of the activities during “the gauntlet”, during which at least 26 women (naval officers and civilians) were systematically groped and sexually assaulted. However, he was not present at the gauntlet or any of the other sex-abuse incidents.

His letter of reprimand said that Admiral Dunleavy “condoned and did not act to terminate such conduct as the gauntlet, mooning and the presence of strippers in the [hotel] hospitality suites.”[1]

A March 2, 1992 Los Angeles Times article quoted Dunleavy as saying, “We in naval aviation leadership . . . failed . . . We weren’t there to step in and stop it . . . I should be fired.” The article goes on to state he felt the incident was “despicable” and prompted much “soul-searching.”[12]

Dunleavy retired from the Navy later that summer.[1][2]

Vice Admiral Richard Dunleavy, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Air Warfare, was demoted to a two-star Admiral (from a three-star Admiral) and retired because of the scandal.
The punishments issued today ranged from the effective end of a few military careers, to milder forms of reprimand that Pentagon officials said officers could overcome.

One of the three who received letters of censure, Vice Adm. Richard Dunleavy, has retired, and today’s action means that he will remain at the two-star level, one-star lower than the highest rank he served. Secretary Dalton said the demotion could represent a loss of retirement pay of more than $100,000 over the years, which he described as no minor sanction.

Rear Adm. Riley Mixson and Rear Adm. Wilson Flagg, who served as Admiral Dunleavy’s deputies in organizing the Tailhook convention, also received letters of censure — letters that Pentagon officials said would tarnish their reputations and block promotions, effectively ending their careers.

“I expect they will be retiring very shortly,” a senior Pentagon official said. Punitive Effect

Richard Dunleavy

Admiral Richard Michael Dunleavy (born 1933) is a retired US naval officer. He retired as a two-star rear admiral after being demoted from the rank of three-star vice admiral as a result of the Tailhook scandal.[1][2]

The Tailhook scandal was a series of incidents where more than 100 U.S. Navy and United States Marine Corps aviation officers were alleged to have sexually assaulted 83 women and 7 men, or otherwise engaged in “improper and indecent” conduct at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada.[1]














FYI: Robert Anglen changed his Facebook just moments after this fraud was exposed to the public yesterday July 30.. He admits no association with news 12. Although not confirmed people have reported channel 12 got involved and required him to immediately remove any reference to 12 news.

Investigative Journalist Robert Anglen Commits ACTS OF JOURNALISM FRAUD OVER 4 YEAR PERIOD 


Reporter Robert Anglen of NBC Phoenix Channel 12 News and The Arizona Republic repeatedly intentionally falsified the facts in a series of articles. Working as an “Investigative Journalist” for the Gannett Company properties, Robert Anglenworked with an attorney Janice Bellucci of the California Reform Sex Offender Laws to advance a fraudulent lawsuit based on blatantly fabricated claims. Robert Anglen’s work repeatedly misrepresented, ignored and blatantly lied about the facts to support a premeditated narrative that would advance a sex offender advocacy agenda. Also being an associate faculty member at Arizona State University, it is integral that journalist instructors would both teach and themselves abide by the dictates of “journalistic integrity” in providing the TRUTH to their reader. The premise being advanced: the poor put upon convicted sex offender. It was not reporting the news; it was literally creating the news. The report being released shortly will detail the sordid facts of this intentional media manipulation.


The truth needs to be told and will.. Robert Anglen of the Arizona Republic, a Gannett Company property, with his tales of fallacy having also appeared with the USA Today and Channel 12 News Phoenix, is an irresponsible, unethical, unprofessional, integrity challenged, repeated liar and charlatan who operates under the guise of being a so-called “investigative journalist.” This piece is the response to the four (4) years of abuse of journalism perpetrated by Robert Anglen. It is an EXTENSIVE recap of the FACTUAL events that occurred. It is a LONG rendition of the issues that surrounded these circumstances. This is difficult to respond to 3.5 years of printed deception, an 11 piece series of articles totaling over 50 pages of content, multiple TV news segments and a number of online video posts in some pithy manner. Especially when taking into account the amount of lies, misrepresentation and predatory journalism practiced by Robert Anglen that needs to be addressed. Stay Tuned…





Frivolous claims exposed to have no legal basis. Sex Offenders sent home CLAIMS-40   0 wins – 40 losses.


Janice Bellucci is president of California RSOL- NATIONAL RSOL SHARES THE SAME CO-FOUNDER AS NAMBLA

In March 2013 attorney Janice Bellucci of the California Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) filed a lawsuit against Defendants associated with the websites, and (SOR websites). After 40 grueling months of litigation the trial date finally arrived. Despite the extraordinary efforts of the Plaintiffs (usually it is the Plaintiffs clamoring for “their day in court”) to delay, postpone and/or eliminate the conclusion of the litigation process. For the efforts of the RSOL, who initiated and financial supported (bankrolled) the entire lawsuit, it was a colossal defeat. There were eight (8) convicted sex offenders alleging various legal claims specifically addressing issues associated with their criminal histories and the right to have such factual information being disseminated over the Internet by the SOR websites. The final tally being: the sex offender advocacy agenda ZERO (0 – goose egg) to the SOR websites and the protection of the First Amendment Freedom of Speech (amongst others) FORTY (40).  A brief breakdown of the claims and all the Plaintiffs involved who had been hiding in anonymity behind John and Jane Doe status throughout the 40 months of litigation while bashing the opposition Defendants by name (along with friends and family members) in the national media with their misrepresentations, fabrication and outright lies. Defendants are not expecting the appropriate retraction to come from Huffington Post, CNN, USA Today and/or The Arizona Republic (plus other) as it would require an admission that they had been completely derelict in performing proper due diligence and vetting the “story” with objective analysis.


Violation of RICO – Extortion by Theft

Violation of Right to Privacy

Negligent/Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

False Light Invasion of Privacy



frank_lindsayJohn Doe #1: Frank Lindsay of Grover Beach, CA was convicted of Lewd or Lascivious Acts with a CHILD UNDER 14 Years of Age. He has a lifetime registration requirement with California’s Megan’s Law Registry; his factual criminal history is made available by accessing the SOR database. Republishing his factual criminal history was protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) and all 5 of his claims were dismissed. Although on the original witness list, Frank Lindsay was nowhere to be found at trial to support his bogus claims.

larry_quinteroJohn Doe #2: Larry Anthony Quintero of Morongo Valley, CA was convicted of Send/Sell/Distribute Matter Depicting a Minor (Child Porn). He no longer appears on the California Megan’s Law Registry, his factual criminal history is available on the SOR database. Republishing his factual criminal history was protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) and all 5 of his claims were dismissed. Although on the original witness list, Anthony Quintero was nowhere to be found at trial to support his bogus claims.

Duane Alfred LedwardJohn Doe #3: Duane Alfred Ledward of San Francisco, CA was convicted of Indecent Assault Sexually Battery. He no longer appears on the California Megan’s Law Registry, his factual criminal history is available on the SOR database. Republishing his factual criminal history was protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) and all 5 of his claims were dismissed. Although on the original witness list, Duane Ledward was nowhere to be found at trial to support his bogus claims.

jeremyryangraves-213x300John Doe #4: Jeremy Ryan Graves of Seattle, WA was convicted of 2 counts of Child Rape (14 year old boy). He no longer appears on the Washington Sex Offender Registry, his factual criminal history is available on the SOR database. Republishing his factual criminal history was protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) and all 5 of his claims were dismissed. Although on the original witness list, Ryan Graves was nowhere to be found at trial to support his bogus claims.

Child_Molester_Adam_Galvez_Video_DepositionJohn Doe #5: Adam Blair Galvez of Shoreline, WA was convicted of the Child Molestation of a 12/13 year old boy. He no longer appears on the Washington Sex Offender Registry although required to register yearly, his factual criminal history is available on the SOR database. Republishing his factual criminal history was protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) and all 5 of his claims were dismissed. During sworn deposition he admitted his claims were FALSE  and the facts surrounding his required sex offender registration. Attorney Janice Bellucci had ignored his input and went forward with knowingly filing illegal false claims in U.S. District Court. Although present at the trial, Adam Galvez (alias Dr. Adam Daniels) would not be called to take the witness stand as it had been documented the degree of misrepresentation, lies and even perjury that he had committed during the 40 month litigation.

vanwaesJohn Doe #6: Daniel W. Van Waes of Almo, KY was convicted of 2 Counts of Sexual Abuse charges from Arizona. He no longer appears on the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry, his factual criminal history is available on the SOR database. Republishing his factual criminal history was protected by Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) and all 5 of his claims were dismissed. Although on the original witness list, Daniel Van Waes was nowhere to be found at trial to support his bogus claims.

edwin_keith_johnsonJohn Doe #7: Edwin Keith Johnson of Johnson City, TN was convicted of Attempted Aggravated Sexual Battery (Rape of an 11 Year Old Relative). He has a lifetime requirement to register with the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry and his factual criminal history is made available by accessing the SOR database. Classification: Violent.  Keith Johnson is just one example that the lawsuit’s entire purpose was an Abuse of Process of the Federal Court system to harass the defendants. The day before the long awaited trial, he disclosed to the Court that he was refusing to attend the trial that he had initiated the litigation 40 months prior. ALL claims of Keith Johnson were Dismissed by the Judge on the first day of the trial.

frank_silvaJohn Doe #8: Frank Silva of Eugene, Oregon was charged for two sex crimes in 2007. One count Encouraging CHILD Sexual Abuse 2 and one count Possession CHILD Sexual Material 2. He made an Alford Plea in order to only be found guilty of the Possession Child Porn Charge. He was required to sign a confession which states: “I unlawfully and illegally possessed a visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a CHILD and intended to use the visual depiction to INDUCE a CHILD to participate or engage in sexually explicit conduct.” In Oregon, the Possession of Child Porn 2 conviction did NOT require the registration to the Oregon Sex Offender Registry. Frank Silva alleged the SOR website falsely identified him as a “Registered Sex Offender.” This would be proven a fabricated claim as the disclaimers found on the websites clearly state the profiled sex offenders had been “convicted of a sex crime” and may or may not have been required to register with a Sex Offender Registry. If this had not been the case, it would not have made a difference as the assertion by Frank Silva that he had not been required to register with a Sex Offender Registry was dramatically proven to be false. In 2011 Frank Silva was charged and convicted of Felony Drug Trafficking in the State of Virginia. Due to his extended incarceration in the State of Virginia, the state’s statutes explicitly require that a person convicted of a sex crime that INVOLVED a minor in any context, it is a mandatory registration with the State of Virginia Sex Offender Registry for Crimes Involving Minors. The Virginia registry used the out of state address in Oregon which is standard for out of state registrations. The verdict by the Jury ruled against ALL the claims of Frank Silva and in favor of the Defendants.


An Attempted Distraction to Divert the Focus from the Legal and Factual Basis of the Claims. This Smoke and Mirror Show was Exposed for the Farce it was.

Janice-Bellucci-ReasonTV-videoAttorney Janice Bellucci devised a legal strategy to include false claims of NON sex offenders in order to ride the coattails of the allegations associated with convicted sex offenders. By making these fabricated claims, introducing family members as “victims” of cyber harassment, it would confuse, convolute and generally create a narrative of the appearance of impropriety that was not actually based on the legal and factual basis of the claims alleged in the lawsuit.

FemaleWhoisJane Doe #9: Janine Graves of Seattle, WA is the wife of convicted child rapist (2 counts) Jeremy Ryan Graves. Janine Graves claimed she was identified on the SOR websites as a “convicted sex offender required to register with a Sex Offender Registry,” was “threatened” with “extortion” to remove these allegations and paid to have content associated to her removed from the SOR websites. She claimed she was personally damaged along with the family business Seattle Wedding Videography. All of her claims were submitted fabrication by attorney Janice Bellucci to bolster the case by creating false allegations from a NON convicted sex offender. On the DAY of trial the charade was exposed, even after the Federal Judge had ruled to allow for her testimony to be done as a teleconference from her HOME (sitting in her lazy boy); Janine Graves withdrew ALL of the claims refusing to testify and participate in the trial. All 5 of her claims were dismissed by the Judge.

FemaleWhoisJane Doe #10: Susan Galvez of Shoreline, WA is the mother of convicted child molester (12/13 year old boy) Adam Galvez who at 44 has been unemployed for over 20 years choosing to live and be supported by his mother. Susan Galvez claimed she was identified on the SOR websites as a “convicted sex offender required to register with a Sex Offender Registry,” was “threatened” with “extortion” to remove these allegations and paid to have content associated to her removed from the SOR websites.

The degree of utter ridiculousness and Abuse of Process of the litigation process was exposed for all present to witness when Susan Galvez was asked by the defense counsel to confirm her allegations that she had been “identified on the website at issue as a sex offender but who have not been convicted of a sex offense.” To which she responded: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Believing the question must have been misunderstood, the defense counsel reworded the same question: “So you don’t remember suing my clients because you claim that one or more of the three websites at issue falsely identifies you as an individual required to register as a sex offender?” Again the answer was the same shocking admission: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”A third attempt of clarification was requested: “So that would be false, right? You’re not claiming that….–“ To be interrupted by Susan Galvez with an emphatic confirmation without reservation: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” After 40 months of litigation with OVER 400 docket entries to the Court’s Record (a lot of entries), Susan Galvez testified she had no idea what her claims in the lawsuit had been and/or submitted by attorney Janice Bellucci. The Jury found in favor of the Defendants dismissing all 5 of the claims of Susan Galvez.

John Doe #11: Glenn Wyrick of Ashland, VA was the brother-in-law to a deceased convicted sex offender. He was interjected into the lawsuit as a non sex offender to conjure up sympathy for family members when a deceased relative’s criminal history can still be accessed online. There is no legal or factual basis for such claims but this did not dissuade attorney Janice Bellucci from Abuse of Process and Malicious Prosecution. It is simple, public records released into the public domain do NOT just magically disappear upon the death of a person. This is especially true in the digital age where all data is easily stored, replicated and retrieved. Glenn Wyrick withdrew his claims from the lawsuit two (2) weeks before the trial. In an email sent to the Defendants he would apologize for having made the false allegations. He pointedly discussed his dissatisfaction with the legal representation that was cause for him to file a complaint with the State Bar of California against attorney Janice Bellucci. He would expand on this subject by pointedly stating she had repeatedly “lied” in her handling this case (more on this to come). He would also state that an article that included an interview with him with national media coverage authored by Gannett Company (Arizona Republic, Channel 12 News & USA Today) journalist Robert Anglen was categorically “FALSE” (emphasis added by Mr. Wyrick). He would further state: “He [Anglen] wrote I said things about you and your websites that I never said.” Glenn Wyrick would file a Motion that dismissed attorney Janice Bellucci from further legal representation and requested all of his claims be withdrawn from the lawsuit. All 5 of Glenn Wyrick’s claims were dismissed by the Judge.



Major_David_Ellis_USMC_Retired-300x250David Ellis of Phoenix, AZ had three (3) of the five (5) claims in the lawsuit dismissed. Two (2)  of the claims, Invasion of Privacy – False light and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress are subject to further extensive litigation and still being challenged by the Defendants. We will keep readers apprised as these claims navigate the litigation process for a final conclusion. He admitted that an ex-employee who was his executive assistant was the one responsible for authoring and posting derogatory allegation against David Ellis and his employer American Aerospace Technical Castings of Phoenix, AZ. The content in dispute had NOT been originally posted online by the defendants as alleged in the lawsuit. The republishing of content found online is a legal question of immunity from civil liability protected by the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and requires a thorough legal review. Future updates on the progress of the litigation and a final conclusion will be made available to interested parties.

Note: It was totally obvious Janice Bellucci ignored the sex offender claims and only put in exhibits to support the non sex offender David Ellis.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC ROBERT ANGLEN WRITES: “Ellis, who is co-owner of an airplane-parts manufacturing company in Phoenix called American Aerospace Technical Castings, said Rodrick posted false information accusing his company of making shoddy equipment. Ellis said Rodrick also accused him of workplace sexual harassment.”

Somewhere along the line the jury believed that Rodrick posted the information about American Aerospace Technical Castings and Sexual Harassment posts. The exhibit below shows the opposite when a  employee of David Ellis admitted making the postings. The exhibit was not entered into the trial as the content of the original suit did not contain such allegations. The exhibit below along with full sworn videotaped testimony  will be used in future litigation. PERHAPS THIS WILL CHANGE THE NARRATIVE DAVID ELLIS HAS PRESENTED TO THE COURTS…



(.ptx requires a special reader which can be downloaded here)



Click Here To Read

It is unclear why the judge did not allow deposition testimony of infidelity when Major David Ellis when he claimed he was falsely accused of infidelity and sexual harassment. He clearly admitted in his deposition he had multiple admissions of infidelity.



The best way to start an examination in determining the character of Major David Ellis is to simply review the facts in regard to his marriages. Yes, plural as Major David Ellis has been married three times, all of which concluded in divorce due to his infidelity. The dictates of Article 134 of the UCMJ were proven to be of little concern to Major Ellis throughout his military career. As Article 134 applies to ALL military personnel, it becomes especially disconcerting when an officer and a “gentleman” would have such a propensity to dishonesty, distrust, indecency, and an overall display of a complete lack of integrity when it comes to honoring the sacred covenant of marriage.

FIRST MARRIAGE: David Ellis was first married to Maria Ellis. Maria Ellis would learn her husband had been engaged in an affair with “Dyvonne”. This became apparent and undeniable when the affair resulted in “Dyvonne” becoming pregnant with David Ellis’ child while married to Maria Ellis. This entire sordid affair occurred while Major Ellis was on active duty with the USMC. Maria Ellis was left with no option but to do the honorable thing and file for divorce. A lesson in conducting oneself with honor could have been learned by Major David Ellis. Unfortunately such a concept is devoid in his disposition, as he would further exhibit in betraying his vows as an “officer and a gentleman” in the USMC and a husband – repeatedly.

SECOND MARRIAGE:  Major David Ellis would marry Dyvonne Ellis upon the divorce from Maria Ellis being finalized. His previous indiscretions did not deter him from once again engaging in similar violations of Article 134. Major David Ellis would engage in a couple of known and documented affairs while stationed in California. The facts of these indiscretions would be testified to under oath by one of the female participants named Margie Ellis who also identified another woman named “Stacie” who Major David Ellis had engaged in an extramarital affair while stationed in California and still married to Dyvonne Ellis. She would testify that she became involved in an extramarital affair with Major David Ellis after he had told the outrageous and fabricated tale that his wife Dyvonne Ellis and daughter had died in a car accident in North Carolina. This was not true. Margie Ellis would learn the truth of Major David Ellis’ marital status from another officer while he was in North Carolina taking care of a “business transaction” – again a fabricated tale. Other events that would affect this sleazy scenario were his wife Dyvonne Ellis and child lived next door to Major David Ellis’ father. Unfortunately, the young daughter would be molested by the grandfather Robert F. Ellis .  Apparently David Ellis supported the conduct of his father over the accusation of his daughter. However, after the prosecution confronted the original denials with overwhelming evidence, in the end the grandfather would plead guilty to the charges. Whether the divorce was motivated by the numerous infidelities occurring in California or his not caring for and protecting his daughter from the being sexually molested by his own father is unknown. What did occur was Dyvonne Ellis filed for divorce. Also, upon be coming of age, the daughter would legally change her name so as not to be associated with the Ellis legacy.

THIRD MARRIAGE: Major David Ellis would marry Margie Ellis upon the divorce from Dyvonne Ellis being finalized. Yet again Major David Ellis would be guilty of infidelity in his third marriage. The timeline involved for this (known) adultery during the third marriage is after Major David Ellis had retired from active duty with the USMC. This time his extramarital affair would involve a married female named Lois Flynn. Approximately a year after the affair had begun he would also hire the fellow adulterer Lois Flynn as his “executive assistant” for his business affairs in the private sector at Interalpha, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. Margie Ellis would testify in a sworn deposition that she learned of the extramarital affair AND the “executive assistant” job when dealing with a civil litigation that had been initiated against Major David Ellis. She would also testify to having been physically assaulted by Major David Ellis. She associated this occurrence of physical assault to an ongoing drinking problem that he had demonstrated over an extended period of time. Margie Ellis also testified that she believed there were other women Major David Ellis had been involved with “sexually” as she had one conversation with a woman he had met via an online dating site and learned of an incident involving a “hookup “date at a casino. There also was a circumstance of Margie finding “sexting” messages on Major David Ellis’ cell phone to three different women, one of which was Lois Flynn, sharing his masturbation practices. To top-off such philandering behavior during the marriage with Margie Ellis there were also circumstances that resulted in at least two known sexual harassment claims being officially filed against Major David Ellis at his workplace American Aerospace Technical Casting, Inc. (AATC) in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the complaints of sexual harassment was submitted by the sister of his then wife Margie Ellis – his sister-in-law who was working as his assistant in the Quality Assurance Department at AATC. With such a continuation of deception, lies, dishonor and philandering it is no surprise that Margie Ellis would file for divorce from Major David Ellis in 2015.

The conduct of Major David Ellis is an embarrassment to the honorable men and women who are currently, and who previously, proudly served the United States military. This is especially true to the honor code to be respected and demonstrated by an officer. A person such as Major David Ellis who advertises his Marine Corps association both personally and professional should not be allowed to dishonor the very core values of having been a Marine Corps officer. There is no justification for such misconduct and an appropriate reprimand is required to enforce the precepts of what constitutes being an “officer and a gentleman” of the USMC. It should not have been a challenge for Major David Ellis to simply honor his vows and not habitually “cheat” on his WIFES – all of them – and to do so knowingly showing contempt for Article 134 of the USMJ. He is a disgrace to the slogan: “A few good men.”



It is a very trying, frustrating and exhausting endeavor to be subjected to “litigation intimidation” tactics of an unethical attorney such as Janice Bellucci representing the agenda of the RSOL. That such bully tactics were deployed to advance a victory for convicted sex offenders and their never ending attempt to hide in anonymity in our communities is of little surprise. That they so utterly failed is worthy of note and certainly a matter of public interest. Battling to a victory against the efforts of such sex offender advocacy groups as the California RSOL who initiate lawsuits based on fabricated allegation is a victory for all our communities. Especially our most cherished citizens – our children.

On a final note, the only solace after such a hard fought victory is that the Plaintiffs that lost all their claims in the lawsuit (all eleven [11]) are subject to personal liability for a Judgment of Attorney fees. Not an insignificant amount after 40 months of intensive and contentious litigation’s. With the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in RST Van Expedited, Inc. v. EEOC, No. 14-1375, this now also applies to those Plaintiffs that were dismissed after withdrawing their claims late in the litigation and those that were dismissed after losing the Ruling on the Motion to Dismiss on the grounds of Immunity from civil liability protection afforded by the Section 230 of the CDA. It would be interesting to know if the Plaintiffs were made aware of the this personal liability in the event of defeat when agreeing to be named in a lawsuit that was clearly designed and orchestrated to advance the agenda of the California RSOL. Live and learn.

More extensive details coming soon..




Reporter Robert Anglen of NBC Phoenix Channel 12 News and The Arizona Republic repeatedly intentionally falsified the facts in a series of articles. Working as an “Investigative Journalist” for the Gannett Company properties, Robert Anglen worked with an attorney Janice Bellucci of the California Reform Sex Offender Laws to advance a fraudulent lawsuit based on blatantly fabricated claims. Robert Anglen’s work repeatedly misrepresented, ignored and blatantly lied about the facts to support a premeditated narrative that would advance a sex offender advocacy agenda. Also being an associate faculty member at Arizona State University, it is integral that journalist instructors would both teach and themselves abide by the dictates of “journalistic integrity” in providing the TRUTH to their reader. The premise being advanced: the poor put upon convicted sex offender. It was not reporting the news; it was literally creating the news. The report being released shortly  will detail the sordid facts of this intentional media manipulation. The story will post on this page when done.



The Ever So Fine Work Of Robert Anglen “Investigative Reporter”

This is par for the course for Robert Anglen past articles. Robert Anglen is nothing more than a disgrace to journalism.

Offender’s relative Glenn Wyrick alleges retaliation against family

(Below is copy from a news article published in the Arizona Republic written by Robert Anglen) 

Sex Offender Robert Lee Knighton

Convicted Sex Offender Robert Lee Knighton

Public Record Photo Robert Lee Knighton

Glenn Wyrick has never been arrested and doesn’t have a criminal record.

 That hasn’t kept his name from being listed on sex-offender websites.

 The 51-year-old Ashland, Va., man said and started publishing his name and e-mail addresses last year in retaliation for complaining about the websites. The websites also published names of his relatives, including his in-laws, sister and her young children.

 Wyrick had stumbled across his deceased brother-in-law’s profile on Offendex last year. Robert Knighton, 46, died suddenly in 2012, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

 Wyrick said he first believed the profile was a mistake. After doing some research, he discovered that Knighton had been convicted in 1994 of aggravated sexual battery.

 Wyrick was sure that his sister and nieces had no idea about the 18-year-old conviction. And there was no need for them to find out, he said.

 “He was deceased. I don’t think his wife and daughters needed to see this online,” Wyrick said. “I sent (Offendex) an e-mail.”

 Wyrick said demands from Offendex escalated, going from $99 in July, to $199 in August, to $499 in October. Finally came a demand for $799 to get the information taken down, he said. The highest price listed on the website was $499.

 Wyrick complained to the FBI and the Arizona and Virginia attorneys general.

 Wyrick said he got little response from authorities, but he did get one from Offendex. Operators posted his brother-in-law’s home address and his obituary notice, complete with the names of his entire family.

 Offendex also posted Wyrick’s e-mail address under a boldface headline encouraging users to get in touch with him: “Sex Offender Robert Lee Knighton dead @ 46. By special request, please send any condolences or emails to Glenn Wyrick.”

 “They did it to get back at me when I complained,” Wyrick said. “If you don’t do what they want, they post personal info about you and your family … and they are getting away with it.”

Below is the SOR website rebuttal to the information posted in the Newspaper.

Additionally here is the link to the public record being discussed.

Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds for Glenn Wyrick

In August of 2012 Glenn Wyrick created two different Facebook pages solely for the purpose of disparaging our archived PUBLIC RECORD database. This was followed with hundreds of postings online to message boards and the Facebook page of this database. As noted in the article published earlier this year by the Arizona Republic, Mr. Wyrick’s efforts also included contacting the FBI and filing complaints with the Virginia and Arizona Attorney General Offices. What is not mentioned in the article is this was not the extent of the efforts made by Mr. Wyrick to attack and discredit the database. There was a complaint filed with Amazon Cloud Services, Network Solution in Virginia, a State Representative in Virginia and Local police were contacted in Arizona. A complaint was posted with, even though no transaction had ever occurred. The most recent complaint received was a DCMA notice of Copyright Infringement. We will address each of these unjustified attempts of perpetual harassment.

Complaints (just the known ones – there are more):

Arizona Attorney General Office – Consumer Complaint: The notice was received and a response addressing the allegations was returned to the Arizona Attorney General Office. The complaint was not within the jurisdiction of a consumer complaint and dismissed from further follow up. On August 2, 2013, Charles Loftus of the AZ AGs Office confirmed there is NOT, nor has there ever been, an Investigation of SORArchives.

Virginia Attorney General Office– Complaint Assigned to George McLaughlin, Criminal Investigator: The notice was received July 3, 2012 and a response addressing the allegations was returned to the Investigator. After the initial contact and response, no further contact was made for additional follow up. The complaint was dismissed.

FBI: No contact has ever been received from the FBI making any form of inquiry.

Virginia State Representative: An Inquiry was received requesting the function and purpose of our archived PUBLIC RECORD database as a complaint had been filed by Mr. Wyrick. There were a total of two contacts and no further communication was received as follow up. The inquiry was dismissed.

Network Solutions: The complaint was addressed and no further contact or additional inquiry has been received from Network Solutions.

Amazon Cloud Services: The complaint was addressed and no further contact or additional inquiry was necessary to address the complaints of Mr. Wyrick by Amazon.

Local Police: No contact has ever been received from local police making any form of inquiry. The ongoing “online” assertion that Tempe Arizona Police have any jurisdiction to individuals and/or business that have no association with the city of Tempe is ludicrous. Although no transaction has ever occurred between SORArchives and Mr. Wyrick, he chose to file an online complaint claiming some sort of “Rip Off”. This complaint went into great detail to identify several individuals as the owners of the website. As a form of intimidation and harassment the names, addresses and phone numbers to the personal residences were also included in this “complaint”. The problem with this listing of information is that it was not correct. People who were not the owners, people who had absolutely nothing to do with the website in any capacity were listed as such and there private and personal information was posted online. In fact, the complaint called upon other CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS to contact these individuals at their homes and/or to contact family members: “Many people have asked for contact info. on a website called and how they can get in touch with them. I encourage you to do so at either addresses listed below.” This followed with a list of names, home addresses and home phone numbers.

DMCA Copyright Infringement Complaint: The most recent frivolous complaint perpetrated by Mr. Wyrick is a claim that the Obituary Notice for Robert L. Knighton, which was published in a newspaper, is somehow the Copyright protected personal property of his family. What is particularly interesting, such a complaint must be signed “under penalty of perjury” which he did. The problem with this assertion, beyond the ridiculousness, is that it is knowingly a lie and illegal. The information was made available to the public domain online here: (The link has since been removed)

The Public Notice was published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch April 26, 2012. The only party that could possibly submit a legal DCMA complaint is the Richmond-Times Dispatch, and that is highly unlikely as they have already made the decision to disseminate their content online with

SORArchives: Our Response

We have meticulously detailed all the complaints filed (that we are aware of), also referenced the hundreds of online postings written by Mr. Wyrick. The sole intent for Mr. Wyrick’s crusade has been to discredit the SORArchives database and the factual PUBLIC RECORDS displayed.  We wish to acknowledge Mr. Wyrick’s rights under the U. S. Constitution and the First Amendment; Freedom of Speech to express whatever ill conceived prattle he may wish to convey. He is entitled to his opinion. What Mr. Wyrick and the Arizona Republic (Ganette) seem to ignore, not understand and/or refuse to take into consideration is WE are afforded the exact same RIGHTS. It is acknowledged the information that motivated Mr. Wyrick’s onslaught of criticism is factual. That the TRUTH is a source of embarrassment to the family of convicted sex offenders is unfortunate. We are more concerned for the families of victims. We believe the communities Right To Know far supersedes the desire of offenders to hide in anonymity.

To close the article, it is written that “They did it to get back at me when I complained,” Wyrick said. “If you don’t do what they want, they post personal info about you and your family … and they are getting away with it.” The double standard and hypocrisy demonstrated by both Wyrick and the articles author is preposterous. Mr. Wyrick apparently can file frivolous complaint after complaint, post malicious tirades, list not only names but addresses and phone numbers and call upon CONVICTED sex offenders to actively harassment people – and that apparently is perfectly acceptable. What the so called “Investigative Reporter” chooses to misrepresent as “RETALIATION” is nothing more than our justified RESPONSE and/or DEFENSE against the vitriol assaults from irrational zealots determined to suppress your RIGHT TO KNOW – at any cost.

The opposition has operated under the false assumption that we cannot respond to their attacks. We must remain silent. They believe we do NOT have the same rights to express our opinions and perspective. They believe their hypocrisy can go forward unchallenged. They are MISTAKEN in their rhetoric. By all means the opposition may express whatever opinions and perspective they wish to their following of like minded CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS. Conversely, we will exercise our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press to protect the general public’s “RIGHT TO KNOW” and we are not concerned with the desire of convicted sex offenders to suppress and hide the knowledge of their heinous crimes and criminal history from our communities.

Robert Lee Knighton has a public record, This record will always be public. This website is NOT under any obligation to remove this record and will not ever consider doing so using this approach. Perhaps Glenn will re consider his attack method.



Note:  This website proves over and over that it’s existence continues to draw out the truth in what “really” happened. 

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Major David Ellis | Jeremy Ryan Graves | Melvin Wayne Domingue | Glenn Wyrick/Robert Knighton | Adam Galvez


CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER Adam Galvez is now using alias David Johnson of San Jose. READ MORE








It is difficult dealing with all the never ending denials and lies of Adam Galvez. There simply have just been so many it becomes impossible to keep the focus on the most relevant facts that are the foundation for everything that has transpired over the last almost 4 years. This is an attempt to weed through the minutia and get to the heart of the issue – who and what is Adam Blair Galvez which is:

Adam Blair Galvez is a convicted Child Molester of a little troubled boy (12) he knew he could take advantage of and groom in order to abuse the child for “his own sexual purposes” (the words used by the Prosecutor).

The Public Records were obtained from the Superior Court of Washington Snohomish County. The first document is the “Affidavit of Probable Cause” for Case No. 96-1-00219-9, The State of Washington vs. Galvez, Adam B… The Affidavit by Certification was submitted by Mark K. Roe, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (CourtKey Link Here). Main points detailing the case are:

  • Adam B Galvez “had sexual intercourse with 13 year oldC.” who had just turned 13 that month.
  • “There were numerous acts including anal sex, oral sex (fellatio) and digital penetration of the anus.”
  • Adam Galvez “worked as store security at a Fred Meyer store. It was there that he first encountered N.C., in an alleged shoplifting incident.” The boy was 12 years old at the time.
  • “He bought N.C. gifts and gave him money.”
  • “He also had continual sexual contact with N.C…” The boy was 12 and then 13 at the time.
  • Adam Galvez, “the defendant has on occasion, passed as a police officer (Edmonds case 95-3531), and as C.s foster father (Lynnwood case 95-7283). In actuality he is neither.”
  • “A neighbor at the defendant’s apartment complex saw the defendant performing fellatio on N.C.. “ ”The defendant was on his knees. C. was standing.   N.C. has confirmed that it was indeed he and the defendant.
  • “Other witnesses [4 listed by the prosecutor] have given statements detailing additional sex play between defendant and the 12-to-13-year-oldC.. N.C. has tearfully confirmed numerous acts of intercourse ….”
  • “The defendant has clearly obtained control and devotion of the victim whom the defendant uses for his own sexual purposes.”
  • “Police had just been at his apartment looking for N.C.. The defendant answered the door and lied, saying N.C. wasn’t there. He allowed the police in. They checked the locked bathroom door. C. was hiding inside.”
  • “When asked about having sex N.C., the defendant said “I’m not gay,” and “I don’t have sex with kids.” This would be proven to also be a lie.

A letter to the Sentencing Judge was submitted by Bill France, MSW at the Child Advocate, Special Assault Unit. The points of interest:

  • “Attached is a letter of N.C., victim of Adam Galvez who is scheduled to be sentenced….”
  • C.[victim] wrote: “I would like to see Adam B. Galvez go through a sex offender intensive treatment group and AA intensive treatment.”
  • I would like him to return all my stuff cause I don’t have that much clothes here.”

A letter to the Sentencing Judge was submitted by Stephen DiMarco, Social Worker III, DSHS Smokey Point (Department of Social and Health Services). The points of interest:

  • “I have been Nxxx social worker….”
  • “For the past year Nxxx was considered a runaway, spending much of his time with Mr. Galvez without the Department’s consent.”
  • Galvez tried to become a licensed foster parent for Nxxx…. He was turned down by the Department because he was harboring Nxxx while Nxxx was on runaway status.”
  • “The Department will continue to provide Nxxx and his family with the necessary mental health services to help address this sexual molestation.”

The very lenient “plea deal” only called for a prison term of 18 months. Why so lenient? Because in many of these cases the child victim is not able to understand that they have been victimized by a predator. They misinterpret the “giving of gifts and money” as love (very sad), not that it was part of the “grooming” process of the sexual abuse. As such, the child victim N.C. did not want Galvez to go to jail and claimed he would not testify against him. The Prosecutor had to offer a “deal” to spare the child the additional psychological pain and trauma of a trial. If not for this situation, Galvez could have received the deserved 18 years in prison instead of the ridiculous 18 months.

Of course, even with the signed “plea deal” with his admission to everything listed above as factual, NOW Galvez claims he did “NOT” molest the boy. It was the BOY who took advantage of HIM. He has even claim it is NOT his signature (it is). He was FRAMED.  Of course, he was the “victim” of foul play – everybody involved conspired against HIM. The neighbor who witnessed Adam on his knees blowing the boy, the two police officers who found the boy hiding in Adam’s apartment, the Detective who investigated, the Prosecutor, the Child Advocate of the Special Assault Unit, the Social Worker, the four (4) additional witnesses, the Judge and of course the first hand testimony of the child were all (13 in total) part of some kind of CONSPIRACY against Adam Blair Galvez.



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If your minor son has had contact with Adam Galvez AKA Adam Daniels please report to Authorities. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page for the current case numbers.

Adam Galvez is not new to impersonating those of authority:


Court documents show impersonations as a Seattle attorney threatening a class action lawsuit, a licensed Private Detective, a two tour military veteran of Afghanistan, an “investigative journalist” for NBC Universal and he was arrested in Edmunds, Washington impersonating a Police Officer. Worse yet… Adam Galvez while working as a security guard for Fred Meyer Adam Galvez caught a 12 year old shoplifting. Instead of turning him in per his job duties, he “harbored’ the boy as a runaway in his apartment for “nearly a year.”

Court records clearly show Adam Galvez sodomized,digitally penetrated and was caught by neighbors giving fellatio through an open window, all while attempting to become a foster parent to the little boy.  Adam went to prison for 18 months for his crimes. Adam Galvez eventually created the alias Adam Daniels in which he created a facebook accumulating over 500 friends even claiming he went to the University Of Washington (see screen shot below) Adam Daniels fake world was disrupted when he located his actual sex offender record online and decided to create a blog to attack and discredit anyone associated with the website as well as many of their family members.

The information below is in response to the many false allegations posted recently and made public by Adam Blair Galvez.  This information is also of public interest and should also be taken serious especially by Washington State Residents and parents of young teenage boys.


Adam Galvez  AKA Dr Adam says “I used to enjoy doing this when I was bored”

Adam Galvez was also arrested for impersonating a police officer. Edmunds WA Case 95-35311

Adam Galvez also claimed to be a foster parent of one of his victims Lynwood WA Case 95-72831





Adam Galvez 'Journalist"

UPDATE: MAY 11 2016

Child Molester Adam Galvez Shoreline WA & AZ Law Firm Employee Barri Grossman Sued For Blog Postings


On May 10, 2016 the latest round of online attacks and LIES of Adam Blair Galvez received a swift, detailed and focused response – legally. A Complaint and Application for Injunctive Relief was filed in Arizona Superior Court. The lawsuit outlines the actions of defendants Adam Galvez and Barri Grossman along with identified but yet to be confirmed John and Jane Doe Defendants that were involved in the defamatory blog (s) claiming Defamation-Trade Libel, False Light Invasion of Privacy, Aiding and Abetting, Conspiracy, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. Experience has proven such an endeavor navigating the legal process arena requires diligence, patience and a commitment of resolve to achieve what is an inevitable outcome that will be justice against these perpetrators. As the irrefutable evidence establishes the factual and legal basis for the lawsuit, the objective was to act quickly and is to pursue the claims aggressively to assure an outcome being so onerous as to serve as a clear warning “to dissuade pursuing a similar course of conduct in the future and to discourage other persons from similar conduct AND participation in the future.”  Adam Blair Galvez was convicted for child molestation of a 12/13 year old boy for months after catching him shoplifting. Adam Galvez is the co-owner, administrator and chief author of the blog postings found on the website. After years of concocting fabricated stories and lies to discredit the legitimacy of the SOR websites and database of 775,000 profiles of individuals convicted of sex offenses including his record which can be seen here.

Adam Galvez has already seen both AZ Superior Court as well as Federal Court and has lost all of his battles however in retaliation continues to this day to defame and harass anyone he can including family and friends along with anyone associated with the SOR websites.  Perhaps this recently filed lawsuit will have an affect on him and ALL of his followers that have participated in these acts which will be added to this suit as they are identified. We will also be attempting criminal charges against Adam Blair Galvez in the near future.

Future suits against other blogs are pending. liabilities have not yet been determined.

Details of the lawsuit are below. Copies of press releases will also be posted here.  Exhibits will be posted after service has been executed to all parties. Currently Process Servers Claim Adam Galvez is inside his mom’s apartment refusing to answer the door however when he comes to PHX mid June he will be served at that time or served by publication. Check Back Often For Updates.

Have any information you think we can use?  Emails/txt messages etc.. Please Contact Us  Click Here.








Major_David_Ellis_USMC_Retired      Arthur Abbey         Gunnar_Gillberg

Major David Ellis Current President                  Arthur Alan Abbey EX President  “Suddenly Died”                     Gunnar Gillberg Owner AATC INC

Ex President Arthur Abbey of American Aerospace Technical Castings Dies “Suddenly” @ Age 52 During The Investigation.  Stay Tuned For The Full Story And Why It Is Relevant To This Website..

American Aerospace Technical Castings FRAUD

Major David Ellis / David Pacheco/Others UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION


False claims made by retired Major David Ellis USMC in civil court case backfire & trigger multiple federal criminal investigations against him,his company American Aerospace Technical Castings and some current and former employees. 

Whistle Blower Says: “Think Twice Before Taking A Flight” “He Falsified Test Results”

A Back Door Program Was Created To Fix The Numbers”  

Click Here For The Related American Aerospace Technical Castings Story





Attorney Janice Bellucci Day Of Reckoning Coming In June



For those that follow  or can not find any updates anywhere else.. Here is an update on the Federal lawsuit taking place in Arizona that is long overdue. A lot has transpired over the last few months that require providing the details and explanations. The lawsuit with its fabricated claims based on misrepresentations and outright lies has continued to be exposed for the charade it has always been from its inception in March of 2013. Attorney Janice Bellucci (“Bellucci”) of the California Reform Sex Offender Laws (“CARSOL”) who was responsible for creating and orchestrating the sham lawsuit has had to witness her artifice disintegrate before her eyes.

Janice Bellucci-frivolous-lawsuits

Click On Simpson For More..

Just guessing, but it is unlikely this outcome and financial liability was explained to the Does when agreeing to be the stooges for the Bellucci and CARSOL self serving agenda. The “wheels of justice” are in fact slow also very expensive AS ALL INVOLVED WILL SOON REALIZE. (Perhaps the Does should be asking a few questions)?



Major David Ellis USMC Retired: Is He A Sex Offender Advocate?


Major David Ellis, who retired from the Marines after 28 years of service, has appeared to move on to a course of advocacy defending and advancing the political and legal issues of convicted sex offenders. This post military career path is somewhat perplexing to understand. Why does one go from serving the United States Marine Corps to teaming up to support and advance the sex offender advocacy agendas – teaming up with corrupt attorneys, child molesters, child rapists, child porn criminals and violent sexual assault offenders? Although Major David Ellis has repeatedly made numerous public proclamations of his disdain for anyone he deems to be a “felon,” resorting to dimwitted name calling of individuals not in his sex offender circles. This is particularly odd considering his families criminal history and general dynamics. His father Robert F. Ellis was convicted of child molesting his granddaughter (David’s daughter)*. Engaging in such hypocrisy is baffling, yet a consistently repeated discourse by Major David Ellis which is to convey one set of principles verbally but documented actions that completely contradict such beliefs. Major David Ellis is the very definition of a hypocrite. *

REVSION/RETRACTION: It was previously reported the brother, Charles “Chuck” Ellis was found guilty of negligent homicide – this has been reported as NOT correct information. The brother has been reported to be Charles W. Ellis in New Hampshire and has been said by others this is not the Charles Ellis of New Hampshire involved in the reported crime. The link below referring to a Charles W. Ellis of New Hampshire involved a legal proceeding detailing a warrant for his arrest on the charge of sexual assault arising out of an incident in February, 1994. “In October, 1994, criminal charges against Mr. Ellis were dismissed when the complainant refused to honor a subpoena to appear in court.” It is being researched if the court documents received are for a Charles Ellis with any family relationship with Major David Ellis. ** &

The efforts of Major David Ellis began in 2012 as a plan to harass and falsely discredit anyone associated with the SOR websites that exposed the factual criminal histories of convicted sex offenders. These early efforts of supplying false and fabricated information to a group of zealot sex offenders has developed over the years to an extensive network of followers pursuing an organized agenda to advance false narratives and legal precedents that would undermine sex offender registry requirements. It is unknown why Major David Ellis wishes to assist convicted sex offenders in hiding in anonymity within our neighborhoods to the possible endangerment of our communities from these individuals who committed heinous crimes against children.

Below is a listing of known associates to Major David Ellis that have been involved in pushing forward their sex offender advocacy. They assist him with the harassment and initiating false claims against the SOR websites. The group of identified colleagues has been confirmed by irrefutable documentation. Members of the Major David Ellis sex offender “army” that he has used to organize a plethora of personal attacks against the SOR websites and those associated with their operations are the following:




Derek Logue: convicted of sexual molestation of an 11 year old girl. He has continued to claim any wrong doing was the fault of the 11 year old victim and he was lured in by the “Lolita.” Derek Logue quoted as stating: “I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.” He was charged and convicted of the sex crime after he had known her since she had been 4years old. He continues to be classified as a “predator” by the state of Ohio where he resides. Derek Logue has appeared on numerous national media outlets (including national television programs) spewing his sex offender advocacy that the laws are “unfair” and require immediate revocation. Major David Ellis recently joined forces with Derek Logue with postings on his website calling for the continued harassment of SOR website associates. Who Derek Logue is can be found online here:



Janice Bellucci: is an attorney and the leader of the California Reform Sex Offense Laws (CARSOL) which is a chapter of the national organization Reform Sex Offense Laws (RSOL). This organization claiming to be “civil rights activist” was co-founded by Tom Reeves who was the founder of NAMBLA (National America Man/Boy Love Association). The stated agenda is to repeal all the solid laws passed nationwide to protect children and society in general from the convicted sex offenders who have been proven to have the highest level of recidivism of any criminal sector (i.e. after 15 years men convicted of child molestation of boys is a frightening 35.4% for a crime that the boy victims only report 17% of the time due to their perceived shame. Thus, the “real” number is considerably higher. *Source is the Department of Justice).

Janice Bellucci has devised a legal strategy that entails filing fabricated lawsuits that have no basis in fact or law. They are based on a theory to achieve victory solely on the threat of legal cost to those communities and individuals she and her CARSOL organization target. Her strategy can be broken down to“extortion” like shake down using the legal system as a bully pulpit. Janice Bellucci and the CARSOL have engaged in over 20 of these lawsuits throughout California and have extended her legal abuse of process strategy to the Federal Court level a few times. Major David Ellis has been a proud participant who actively works to support and advance these efforts by Janice Bellucci and the sex offender agenda of the CARSOL. You can access additional information online about the person Major David Ellis works closely with – attorney Janice Bellucci:



Small Note:  Adam Blair Galvez Will Post Online Anything Major David Ellis Provides Him. They now resort to random articles that contain a crime then copy/paste and apply personal pictures and post online with the intent to defame. A nice trail has been left which will land these guys/gals back in court very soon.   Adam is no stranger to losing in court as judges and jury’s have  ruled against him and recently refuses to show up to his own lawsuit. See Janice Bellucci Day Of Reckonning.. 

FYI: Adam Galvez is restricted from EVER obtaining a WA Driver’s Licenses due to his 3 DUI and 3 Suspended License convictions. Yet, here he is recently “documenting” himself breaking the law — AGAIN. We fully expect the video to disappear, however we have a copy downloaded.

Adam Blair Galvez: was convicted for the child molestation of a 12/13 year old boy. The boy lived with Adam Galvez for 6 months during which time he performed fellatio and sodomized the child to “satisfy his every sexual gratification*.” The police arrested Adam Galvez for child molestation just after the boy’s thirteenth birthday. It was Adam Galvez with the financial support provided by his mother Susan Galvez who created the sex offender advocacy website Offend extortion. This was the first source that Major David Ellis would utilize to provide false and fabricated information about the SOR websites to be disseminated online. It also was the website vehicle for Major David Ellis to begin recruited his sex offender “army” to begin a concerted effort of advocacy for the sex offender agenda to shut down the SOR websites.

Adam Galvez has always been the “poster child” that validates the value of the SOR websites and the 775,000 profiles of archived public records of convicted sex offenders. Although the heinous nature of the crimes Adam Galvez committed against a child- the horrific details being provided within the provided public records linked below – were NOT made easily available for public scrutiny and he did NOT appear on the State of Washington Sex Offender Registry. The people (especially parents of young boys) have the “right to know” this person resides in their neighborhood and the SOR websites provided this important information. Adam Galvez’s criminal conduct was NOT limited to the child molestation conviction. In fact, Adam Galvez has been arrested twelve (12) times which has included domestic assault,THREE DUI’s, 3 times Suspended License, Impersonating a Police Officer and it goes on and on. What is so perplexing to understand is how such a person could become the number one foot soldier in the sex offender “army” recruited and utilized by Major David Ellis. A retired Marine that has repeatedly boasted a distain for “felons,” seems to have developed a very close personal relationship with a convicted child molester of little boys. The email and text communications have been documented to be in the hundreds if not thousands. It is very curious to understand such hypocrisy.  *  &



Jeremy Ryan Graves: was found guilty of raping a 14 year old boy – TWICE*. He also engaged in sexual activities with his dog “buddy”. He also demonstrated a propensity for animal cruelty by sticking a cat in a microwave as a purported gag – the CHILDREN who witnessed this conduct upon their cat were not amused. Although such allegations would appear on their face to be an attempt to sensationalize the criminal history of Jeremy Ryan Graves, this is not the case. Every claim is supported with the public records legally obtained from the Washington Courthouse. What is particularly disturbing about Jeremy Ryan Graves is that “It was determined that Mr. Graves presents a high risk of danger to the community as an untreated sex offender who preyed on teenage boys in a church setting’ as a ‘youth minister.” At the time he had started PREYEZE Ministry. Yes, spelled P-R-E-Y and EZE (perhaps a Freudian slip?). To exacerbate this disturbing information is today “Ryan” Graves (he uses his middle name to thwart discovery) owns and operates a Wedding/Memorial Videographer business that puts him in the SAME “church setting.” To make such claims if false would in fact constitute illegal defamation and false light. However, this is not the case when merely providing the irrefutable FACTS. Please see the documented evidence provided via the link below.**

Again, it is Major David Ellis who has recruited a convicted sex offender “Army” to pursue an agenda to further advance the advocacy for the repeal of sex offender registries and laws protecting our children. The attack plan to silence the SOR websites from providing factual criminal histories of such individuals attempting to hide in anonymity in your communities has involved the recruitment and partnership with his colleague Jeremy Ryan Graves whose history and character speak for themselves. * &  **




Frank Silva: was convicted in Eugene, Oregon of possession of child porn and his confession depicts the atrocious totality of his actual intended crimes. In his OWN words he states: “I unlawfully and illegally possessed a visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a child and intended to use the visual depiction to induce a child to participate or engage in sexually explicit conduct.” His conviction was limited to “possession” of child porn which did NOT require him to register as a sex offender per the statutes of the State of Oregon.* This would NOT be the case in almost EVERY other state in the country. Sex offenses involving child porn require a mandatory requirement to register with the state’s Sex Offender Registry.

Due to the disparity found from state to state in how they handle the issue of sex offenses involving children, Frank Silva ran into what must be a rather unique circumstance. Following his sex offense conviction in Oregon, Frank Silva would run afoul with the law once again in a very different manner. This time surrounding his business endeavors. He would be charged and convicted of Drug Trafficking in the State of Virginia. This felony conviction required some time incarcerated in the State of Virginia. As a new resident of the State of Virginia, in this jurisdiction they do not have such a lax and liberal stance with sex offenses involving minors. Due to this extended visit, Frank Silva was required (forced upon him by the Department of Corrections) to register with the Virginia Sex Offender Registry per Virginia statutes even though this was NOT a required restriction that applied in Oregon. Again, this is a member of the sex offender “army” Major David Ellis has garnered in his advancement of sex offender advocacy and legal challenges to the SOR websites against supplying the factual criminal histories of these types of individuals. Major David Ellis has supported Frank Silva in his assertion that the depiction of his Oregon sex offense as disseminated on the SOR websites is using the mugshot associated with his Virginia Drug Trafficking felony conviction that WAS irrefutably released into the public domain by the Virginia Sex Offender Registry somehow constitutes blatantly false depiction of the facts. Such an asinine circle argument is a mind numbing example of the sex offender advocacy of Major David Ellis.



Larry Anthony Quintero: was convicted of selling and the distribution of child porn. He has publically claimed child porn is a “victimless crime.” That child porn ONLY constitutes a “thought crime.” Larry Quintero should be required to explain this theory to the 10’s of thousands of children globally who are victimized yearly by these deep thinkers who obtain sexual gratification and profits from their suffering. Of course, this would make for a very provocative discussion should it occur after these non-victims had reached full adulthood and were no longer weak vulnerable children. Major David Ellis has teamed up with Larry Quintero so as to include a diverse collection of perpetrators in his sex offender “army” in the online and legal efforts to harass and fabricate false claims against the SOR websites.



Frank Udall Lindsay: has been involved in a DOZEN lawsuits to thwart the legislative efforts to protect children from convicted sex offenders being near schools, public libraries and parks where it is a given children are present. This of course is very ironic considering Frank Lindsay is lifetime required registrant with the California Megan’s Law Registry. He was convicted of a sex offense, lewd and lascivious acts, with a CHILD UNDER the age of 14 (meaning 13 or even YOUNGER). He holds a position on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for the NAMBLA inspired organization CARSOL. He has acted as a Plaintiff for many of the organizations harassment lawsuits to intimidate small communities and individuals. It is well documented that Major David Ellis has teamed up with Frank Lindsay to further the agenda of harassment and cyber bullying anyone associated with the factual information disseminated on the SOR websites. This partnership has been active for several years now and appears to be one that will continue for some years to come with recent developments tying the two together.   &

Susan Galvez: due to the posting of the factual criminal history of her son Adam Galvez being convicted in the State of Washington for the child molestation, Susan Galvez actively engaged in sex offender advocacy by starting up the website The conviction of her son involved him sodomizing and performing fellatio upon the child, a 12/ 13 year old boy, over a six month period. During this time period he even tried to officially become the child’s “foster parent.” Susan Galvez paid to purchase the URL ownership and hosting services for the sex offender advocacy website. She also paid for all operational cost associated with the existence of the website. Susan Galvez used the website to solicit and collect donations through her personal PayPal account to harass, threaten and attack SOR website associates. Major David Ellis has for years worked closely with supplying the content found on this sex offender support website. It is also documented he supported the efforts of the Galvez’s with a financial commitment amounting to thousands of dollars to engage in the attacks against the SOR websites personnel. The Major David Ellis association with the website and both Galvez’s has included the fabrication of false claims presented within the legal system. The false allegations are before a Court’s review that will prove an agenda of abuse of process, malicious prosecution, conspiracy of fraud, lies and cyber harassment.



Edwin Keith Johnson:  was convicted of aggravated sexual battery (ORIGINAL CHARGES WERE RAPING A 11 YEAR OLD FAMILY MEMBER) and to this day is still classified by the authorities of Tennessee as being “violent.” Edwin Johnson represents an example of the diversity and expanse of the sex offender “army” that Major David Ellis has compiled to implement his agenda of online and legal harassment against the SOR websites. Planning a conspiracy that actively partnered with sex offenders across the entire country, Edwin Johnson being in rural Tennessee, required a significant amount of logistics and coordinated effort that must have utilized Major David Ellis’s military training received from the U.S. Marine Corps. It is hard to imagine that furthering the advocacy of convicted sex offenders is what the Corp had in mind when sharing such strategies with Major David Ellis. Just guessing that he is not likely to get an “ooh-rah” on this one.


Jeremiah John Stewart

Jeremiah John Stewart: was convicted in Michigan of a sex offense involving the sexual molestation of a child UNDER 13.* Major David Ellis felt compelled to assist this convicted child molester by providing information as a means to assist in a Federal Lawsuit determined to shutdown the SOR websites. Why Major David Ellis would believe a community does NOT have the right to know a convicted child molester may be present in their neighborhood is indicative of the new found career in sex offender advocacy. Thankfully such efforts by Major David Ellis have not prevailed. It is worthy of note that I a different lawsuit in Michigan Federal Court it was emphatically determined that the SOR websites are protected from civil liability due to the Section 230 of the CDA. A synopsis of the ruling can be found online at the link provided below.** This legal ruling is one of several that supports the justified existence of the SOR database of 775,000 archived public record profiles of convicted sex offenders.  *  &  **



Andre Wilson: was convicted of FELONY sexual contact (assault) in New Jersey.* Along with his sex offense conviction, he also was involved in additional criminal conduct in both New Jersey and Florida. Andre Wilson was recruited into the sex offender “Army” of Major David Ellis when he was provided the usual false and fabricated allegations of “extortion” and “cyber harassment.” This repeated use of rhetoric and sex offender dogma had not been part of any filings in the legal case being litigated in the State of Nevada. It is bewildering how someone would be subjected to “extortion” when no contact was made between the parties discussing in any manner an exchange of money or any form of consideration. As the SOR websites do NOT have a removal option, it is beyond comprehension how some form of “extortion” could have been attempted or by whom. The only explanation falls back to Major David Ellis and his propensity to just assert complete fabricated complaints against the SOR websites in courts as a strategy of harassment and cyber bullying using the legal process as a vehicle to push forward his nefarious objectives. The strategy is based on a presumption that the SOR websites will NOT have their day in court and all the false allegations that have zero basis in fact will be exposed as the charade that they have always been. Andre Wilson is just another convicted sex offender brought into the fold of the Major David Ellis “Army” dedicated to persecute anyone associated with the SOR websites. *




Nicholas “Nick” Maietta: was convicted in California of a sex offense, lewd and lascivious acts, with a CHILD UNDER the age of 14 (meaning 13 or even YOUNGER). This sex crime in California requires a LIFETIME registration requirement with the State’s Megan’s Law Registry. Nick Maietta’s self proclaimed fame is being a computer hacker. His website and email uses the URL He had tried to hide from his past child molestation charges by moving to rural Nebraska, but was tracked down by local law enforcement after he had been involved in making serious death threats against a party associated with the SOR websites. When the Nebraska law enforcement officers attempted to discuss the matter they were investigating, he responded by invoking his Right to the Fifth Amendment. Very shortly thereafter Nick Maietta fled Nebraska back to California. The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry listed him as “ABSCONDED.”*

Nick Maietta has been the system administrator for the sex offender advocacy website He would have been directly involved with the postings of the false and fabricated defamatory information provided by Major David Ellis. It is curious how Major David Ellis rationalize providing information to and working with a person with criminal history against a child, but also his anti-government rhetoric calling for computer “hacking” to disrupt society. Nick Maietta walks the talk in that he currently lives out of a RV parked randomly in vacant property/land. His current address required for the Megan’s Law Registry lists him as a “TRANSIENT.”** Nick Maietta is one of Major David Ellis’s foot soldiers in his sex offender “Army.” I suppose if one was planning to engage in nefarious online activities involving cyber harassment, a self-proclaimed “hacker” may be a useful asset.  *  &   **



Robert Anglen: is a so-called “investigative journalist” for the Gannett Company working specifically for the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Channel 12 News. Unfortunately his title as a journalist is in name only, in practice he is a shameless hack. Robert Anglen has willfully sacrificed any pretense to abide by the code that is “journalistic integrity.” In an extensive expose covering the SOR websites that was published in May of 2013, after purportedly conducting an eight month “investigation,” what was authored by Robert Anglen was a direct assault against objective reporting and the intentional diversion from anything resembling the truth. There has been a reported family connection with the housing of sex offenders as a business venture funded by government assistance. This angle of motivation is being explored further to establish the “real” basis for the story and the manner of irresponsible journalism. The degree to which Robert Anglen intentionally created  a narrative to meet a predetermined agenda supporting the cause of being a sex offender advocate and the zealot activism brigs into question any attempt at objective reporting and has been well documented. The issues have been made available for online review.*

The section of the article authored by Robert Anglen that was published in May 2013 that involved Major David Ellis was particularly egregious in its blatant disregard to easily obtained FACTS and simple verifications that are considered standard protocol. A thoroughly researched rebuttal was prepared to address the many questionable claims made by Major David Ellis in the article. Such things as the fact that he WAS having an extra marital affair with his married “executive assistant” Lois Flynn, his third wife Margie had NOT filed for divorce, he was NOT claimed to have been convicted of a sex offense and required to register as a sex offender by the SOR websites just to name a few. The full rebuttal is available for review online.** A particular telling fact was ex-wife Margie Ellis contacting Robert Anglen directly to discuss the blatantly false depiction of the marital relationship and circumstances of the Ellis marriage in the article. In sworn testimony, Margie Ellis disclosed that when confronted about his shoddy journalism, Robert Anglen’s response to her was to claim: “That wasn’t the point. What difference does that [truth] make?” Whatever the true motivation may have been, it is clear Robert Anglen was a very willing supporter and active participant in the sex offender “Army” of Major David Ellis committed to advancing the online and legal agendas of sex offender advocacy and activism. *   & **


Conclusion: Major David Ellis tries to force his “make believe” reality even though it has no basis in truth.  He’ll even sell his soul to the devils that are convicted sex offenders and sacrifice all the values he once purported to honor when serving as an officer of the U.S Marine Corp. The reader has been provided a comprehensive breakdown of just some of the sex offender “army” called upon by Major David Ellis to further his harassment and fabricated allegations of the SOR websites. His new found efforts in support and advocacy of sex offenders with the teaming up with individuals convicted of child rape, child molestation, sexual assault, sexual battery, child porn possession with intent, child porn sell/distribution to name the specific charges of the “army” members detailed in this piece is difficult to understand. For someone claiming a particularly strong aversion to proclaimed “felons,” Major David Ellis has clearly been surrounded with a plethora of partners that represent a group of the most reprehensible collection of “felons” imaginable. Then you add a father who was convicted of child molesting Major David Ellis’s own daughter  It would seem hypocrisy is a deep rooted family trait. It is worthy of note this whole mess was began by Major David Ellis himself when he was once again having an extra marital affair with his married “executive assistant” who he had hired with ZERO work experience and AFTER the affair had been active for over a year. The LONG history of extra marital affairs that occurred throughout his military career with the U.S. Marine Corp and THREE marriages resulting in divorce has been well documented. To assert that the extra marital affairs are just the tip of the iceberg of serious character issues for Major David Ellis would be an understatement. You are welcome to come to your own conclusion by reviewing the chronicled facts that are available online.*





US GOVERNMENT WAS RIGHT After he completed his prison sentence, Baughman said, the state of Virginia refused to let him out because prosecutors believed he might fit the profile of a sexually violent predator. Professionals said all along he is a narcissistic and can not be cured. AND THEY WERE RIGHT.

Sex offender activist ARRESTED

Galen Baughman Sexual Predator Was Trolling For Victims
While ACTIVELY Trying To Change The Strict Sex Offender Laws.

Janice Bellucci CARSOL says “I have tears in my eyes”

Janice Bellucci President of CARSOL says “I have tears in my eyes” “He is a BRAVE man”  

Janice Bellucci CARSOL Blog Says:  “What a well spoken and thoughtful person he is. Couldn’t have a better representative to speak for us. Watching this video shows me that this man possesses great character, empathy, strength, intellect and passion, isn’t this the kind of person we want in society? I will forward this to people i know”.  



Watch This “HYPOCRITE” He was claiming “INJUSTICE” in this video while he was actively trolling for new little boy victims.

Sex Offender civil rights activist arrested for texting a teenage boy.

Galen Baughman back in jail with no bond. He co-founded a nonprofit called the center for justice very similar to Janice Bellucci RSOL which  a sex offender activist organization which attempts to change sex offender laws

Galen has been interviewed as an expert by prominent media outlets. Baughman’s work was abruptly interrupted when he found out that his probation officer suspected him of violating the terms of his release. There were allegations that Baughman had exchanged inappropriate text messages with a 16-year-old boy. On March 3, Baughman was ordered to hand over his cellphone and his laptop. A month later, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

In late 2015, the boy’s mother had found text messages on her son’s phone that disturbed her, saved some of them, and alerted the Virginia State Police. Later, in an email to Baughman’s probation officer, she stated that she considered him a threat and expressed concern that he was “contacting other underage boys” Messages contained words like “Am I still on your list for tonight? Or do you not have time…?” Baughman does not deny sending the text messages cataloged in his violation report. in this case, a trove of intimate text messages sent by a man in his 30s to a high school student

Baughman surrendered to Virginia authorities last weekend. On Tuesday morning, a judge denied him bond, which means that barring some unforeseen development, Baughman will be in jail until his next court appearance, currently scheduled for July.

When I was 19, I fell in love with a boy who was sweet and smart and quirky. He would read me his poetry and talk to me late into the night about anything and everything. We told each other our secrets, and he made me laugh. He was my best friend. One night we stayed up late together talking quietly after our friends had fallen asleep in the room around us. It was my last night back home before returning to college after my winter break. He kissed me for the first time. He asked to have oral sex. He was a freshman in high school. We never thought that night would lead to a prison cell, or that the next decade of my life would be spent mired in a criminal justice system designed to crush my humanity.

A friend Josh Graven also a registered sex offender brought up the issue with Baughman. “I confronted him pretty aggressively and said that he couldn’t do it—that he needed to immediately stop,” Gravens says. Baughman rejected the suggestion that he was doing anything wrong.

Janice Bellucci says  “I have tears in my eyes”. Galen describes well the insanity of today’s sex offender laws and the hell he experienced within the “justice” system. Thank you, Galen, for showing up, standing up and speaking up! You are a brave man.

The US Government recently released the following stats which seem to be right on track.


Government issues the factual studies on recidivism rates. (Way different than Attorney Janice Bellucci)

Polygraph examinations on a sample of sex offenders with fewer than two known victims (on average) found that offenders actually had an average of 110 victims and 318 offenses. See id. Another study found that imprisoned sex offenders had been able to commit sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being apprehended and convicted.


More On Janice Bellucci

The Full Story Can Be Read Here

Sexual Predator Derek Warren Logue  has decided to start yet another smear campaign this time with Major David Ellis using facebook and other blogs.

David M Ellis should have realized by now that wherever there is a action chances are good there will be a reaction.


Major David Ellis Teams Up With Sex Offender Activist Derek Logue Why?    Click Here For More On Major David Ellis


Here are some quotes from Derek himself:

“as a weak child I took my frustrations out first on animals, then eventually people.”

“I once worshipped Satan so believe me there are stronger powers in this world”

” Yes I suffer from both bipolar AND Borderline Personality Disorder and I’m on 2000 mgs of Depakote but I keep forgetting to take my meds.”I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and chronic depression. I’ve been on a variety of meds– prozac (which drove me crazy), tegretol (they had to monitor my blood for that one– joy), etc.

Derek W. Logue AKA thefallenone AKA fallenone AKA F1 is a registered sex offender and active RSO activist who is classified on the public registry as a “sexual predator.”

Derek was convicted of 1st Degree sexual assault of an 11-year-old child recently sued..

Derek W. Logue,  who runs a support website for sex offenders was recently sued after he made “false disparaging statements about a group, which tracks the addresses of more than 1,000 registered sex offenders and provides counseling services to sex-abuse victims, “You can’t go around defaming innocent organizations that are here only to defend children, the elderly, the disabled,” said attorney Brian C. Pascale, a partner at the firm handling the case



Attorney Janice Bellucci RSOL TIED TO NAMBLA
Attorney Janice Bellucci

Click To Watch The Video. (Especially if you or someone you know has children)

The founder of NAMBLA,  was directly involved in the creation of the RSOL. If you wish to express your opinion or if you are sick in the head and want to support  this sex offender organization and their cause you can click on this link  (They do have a forum however they screen out any opposition to their cause so pretty much a waste of time to go that way)

What Is NAMBLA? “The North American Man-Boy Love Association”. They are a group of men, mostly over 30, who like to date/have sex with underage boys.

Janice Bellucci has announced California RSOL’s June meeting will take place in San Diego on June 18. The meeting will start at 10 am at California Western School of Law, Room LH2 at 225 Cedar Street, San Diego, CA 92101 Subject Matter.. IML ..  JANICE BELLUCCI SPECIFICALLY SAYS “Government and media representatives are not invited to attend”.   Why Not?


Craig Stuppi

Who Is Attorney Craig Stuppi?

It is known that attorney Craig Stuppi practices Bankruptcy litigation for the Law Offices of Stuppi & Stuppi in Walnut Creek, California. What is not known is why he is also practicing civil litigation to advance the social and political agenda of convicted sex offenders. These are not your potentially sympathetic cases of being at the wrong place at the wrong time making a mistake circumstances. No, these are a child rapist of a 14 year old boy, a child molester of a 12 year old boy who was repeatedly sodomized, child porn selling and distribution, child porn to entice a child along with drug trafficking, aggravated sexual assault, and classified as a violent offender and the list goes on. What becomes especially interesting is all this effort was done on “the down low.” Craig Stuppi has taken great effort to remain anonymous in the preparation of multiple documents filed in U.S. District Courts under the name and signature of another attorney. The attorney signing and filing these documents is Janice Bellucci of the California Reform Sex Offender Laws (CARSOL). This attorney and organization represent the interest of convicted sex offenders who wish to get back to hiding in our communities in anonymity with the filing of dozens of complaints to advance their stated agendas including the SOR websites. Further, the CARSOL is a chapter of the National Organization RSOL whose creation involved a founder by the name of Tom Reeves who also was the founder of the reviled organization NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

It is a mystery why attorney Janice Bellucci cannot do her own work and why Craig Stuppi is preparing filings for Federal Court cases as a “ghostwriter.” The most recent example has been filings associated with legal challenge filed in U.S. District Court in Oakland, California by Janice Bellucci and the CARSOL representing seven (7) John Doe Plaintiffs all of whom have been convicted of various sex crimes and all involving a minor. The lawsuit is challenging the Constitutionality of the International Megan’s Law (IML) recently signed by President Obama. The new law requires a passport identifier for perpetrators currently required to register with an official Sex Offender Registry for a conviction of a sex crime involving a minor. The Plaintiffs do not want the destination countries to have knowledge of their felony convictions involving children as they may be denied entry. This is especially true for countries such as Thailand, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and others attempting to combat the proliferation of the sex trafficking and sex tourism trade involving millions of children globally each year. There has been a program in place by the Federal Government called Angel Watch for several years that has combated these insidious crimes against children globally that requires sex offenders of minors that are required to register in US to also give notice of travel plans to international destinations. The representatives of Angel Watch forward the arrival plans to the destination countries. A basic work around employed to thwart these efforts has been for the sex offenders to fly into one country that is not strict by allowing their entry and to then purchase a separate unreported ticket to the identified problem area countries. The passport identifier will eliminate such deceptive tactics and allow any destination country to know of the criminal felony history of a sex offender of children and decide whether to allow entry into their country.  A very reasonable requirement for any sovereign country to employ. Further, with the new IML such information will be reciprocated to the USA so we may make similar determinations.

The question is why is Craig Stuppi actively engaged, and hiding it in anonymity, in the legal challenge of the IML in support of convicted sex offenders who sexually abused, assaulted and/or raped children in this country and may attempt to export their perversions to international destinations???  What is the connection for attorney Craig Stuppi’s to actively, yet clandestine, participate in furthering the agenda of the CARSOL and/or convicted sex offenders in general??? Is there anyone with information that would shed light on this situation??? We really want to know – thank you for your assistance.

Little Boys And Dogs

Below is Jeremy Ryan Graves.  He filed false complaints  and campaigned to discredit the SOR websites. We are uncovering all the evidence possible and will post the information here as a rebuttal to Jeremy Ryan Graves false accusations.

 Child Rapist Jeremy Ryan Graves

Jeremy Ryan Graves  AKA   “Ryan Graves”

Official Jeremy Ryan Graves Court documents Click Here

Recent Developments

Recently the official public court records of Child Rapist Jeremy Ryan Graves were obtained in order to address his previous attacks and false allegations about the SOR websites and others associated with it’s operations (as well as family and friends). The contents are absolutely disgusting. Not only did Jeremy Graves admit to having sexual acts with little boys he also admitted to having sexual acts  at least 10 times with his dog “Buddy.” He also even put his victims cat in the microwave and turned it on, in the presence of children.  This may explain why Jeremy (goes by “Ryan Graves” now in an attempt to hide his past crimes and misdeeds) was in such a panic to hide his crimes from his community and acted so irrationally by attacking the SOR website by filing false claims and posting false allegations wherever he could. Stay tuned for the full story.

Official Determination

“During the Presentence process. a risk assessment tool was utilized to help determine risk for danger to the community. It was determined that Mr. Graves presents a high risk of danger to the community as an untreated sex offender who preyed on teenage boys in a church setting’ as a ‘youth minister.’ The Department of Corrections will supervise Mr. Graves accordingly,”

Community Concerns

Jeremy Ryan Graves is now out of prison. Although Jeremy Ryan Graves ministry “PREYEZE” Ministries (yes the spelling is correct) is no longer active under Jeremy Graves name, the official determination above is very concerning since “Ryan Graves” continues to have access to churches and children via his Seattle Wedding Videographer business and video transfer businesses. The fact that the victims father is listed as the owner of PREYEZE MINISTRIES remains a mystery.


Below are official public court documents  Why does this this information matter?






Attorney Janice Bellucci Helped  Sex Offenders File False Complaints & Lawsuits Against SOR

The list of identified perpetrators of harassment, attacks and lies can be limited to specific individuals such as: David Michael Ellis AKA Major David Ellis – Adam Blair Galvez – Glenn Wyrick – Jeremy Ryan Graves – Gordon Edward Grainger – Melvin Wayne Dominque  (Now Deceased)– Attorney Janice Bellucci – Robert Anglen Channel 12 News and even a handful of attorneys. The misconduct of these individuals has been well documented with specific allegations and FACTS as to their malfeasance.


Previous as well current clients set to expose the plan coordinated by what some are now calling a “criminal organization” California Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) called upon their cretin following to submit “False Complaints” via the IC3 FBI Complaint system.  Stay tuned for declarations & deposition testimony.

Read More Here

 Printer Friendly PDF Click Here

Text Version

Convicted Sex Offenders Lied. They Falsely Identified Themselves as “Victims” of a “Scam.”

Sex offender websites such as and their associates as well as family members have endured an endless barrage of baseless attacks by convicted sex offenders for many years. A particular attack plan coordinated by criminal organizations such as the California Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) and Offendextortion called upon their cretin following to submit “complaints” asserting misconduct on the part of the SOR websites. A template was prepared and provided to this following with instructions to send to law enforcement (address provided). Its creation was a means to manipulate investigators to the concerns identified by the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) alleging the SOR websites had engaged in misconduct. The sheer number of these complaints all claiming the same or very similar circumstances was intended to create the appearance of wrong doing. Information has been obtained identifying the source that was used by these groups to form an outline to be utilized as the foundation to create these fabricated complaints with a template driven narrative.

Below is the “Scam Alert” that was posted online June 19, 2013 by IC3. It was used by the convicted sex offenders to falsely allege conduct by the SOR websites that was of particular interest to law enforcement at the time and a basis to garner attention in 2013/2014:


Jun 19, 2013 04:00 PM

IC3 Warns of Criminals Using Mug Shots to Extort Victims

“The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has received hundreds of complaints from individuals claiming to have found their mug shots posted on various websites. Some of these individuals have stated they were juveniles at the time of their arrests and their records were sealed—and therefore not available to the public. Others have said that the information posted was either incorrect or blatantly false.”

“When victims requested that the photos be removed from the sites, they were asked to provide copies of their driver’s licenses, court records, and other personal identifying information—putting them at risk for identity theft. They were also told they had to pay a fee…but even then, some pictures were not removed—or if they were taken off one site, they were then posted to a similar site. If victims threatened to report the websites for unlawful practice, the websites’ owners threatened to escalate the damaging information against the victims. If you’ve had a similar experience, please file a complaint at”


Our analysis of the above “SCAM ALERT” comes with a breakdown of all the elements the authorities had designated as possible claims that would/could constitute a cyber crime and “mug shot extortion victims.” However, ALL such claims would be a complete fabrication and/or distortion of the facts as such alleged conduct never occurred in relation to or associated with the SOR websites and is proven with a simple review of the irrefutable evidence.


There is no dispute that law enforcement agencies in Phoenix, Arizona received an inordinate large number of “complaints” generated by convicted sex offenders (or their supporters) found in the SOR database. Although the exact number has not been disclosed, it was confirmed that the volume of submitted complaints was “substantial” (emphasis added). The issue that seems to have been discounted in this occurrence is that a complaint’s veracity is not determined by the volume of similar submissions from a like minded group with an attack agenda but rather the evidence to support each claim. It is mind boggling that such an obvious ruse executed by a gang of convicted sex offenders working in concert could lead to professional investigators not realizing they were being so thoroughly duped.

The facts speak for themselves and should not be deterred by the number of dubious pre-planned “complaints” received. The focus should always rely on a simple review of the evidence readily at hand. It is shocking that the SOR websites were even considered to have fit into the category of a “scam” that was “using mug shots to extort victims.” There was no extortion and there certainly were not “victims” profiled in the SOR database. There were only convicted sex offenders looking to circumvent the lawful dissemination of their factual criminal histories found in the SOR database. When criminal organizations such as RSOL and Offendextortion designed and implemented a campaign to garner the participation of their followings by the submission of falsified “complaints” as an attack against their stated nemesis SOR websites, such tactics should have been immediately recognized as vicious rhetoric and dogma and not given any merit. Any and ALL complaints are only as relevant and virtuous as they are truthful. Lies carry no credible validity and cannot withstand scrutiny of the facts. This is the basis for an analysis of the details as they occurred and demonstrate how circumstances were clearly distorted and misrepresented. Arguably they were submitted as blatant lies which would constitute new criminal conduct perpetrated by the authors who had engaged in a jointly organized and implemented attack agenda to make false claims. The number of complaints is irrelevant when they were created as a group effort committing a fraud to achieve a stated goal that intentionally falsified the facts.


The SOR websites have no firsthand knowledge of any profiles fitting into a category of juveniles that had their criminal records “sealed” by court order. There has never been any communication received by the SOR websites even alleging the existence of such a profile and there has been no documentation to support such a claim. However, even if such a profile existed the relevant legal issue would still be one of all profiles within the SOR database were obtained from third party sources, thus protected with immunity by Section 230 of the CDA as a republishing of existing content. There is no distinction for “juvenile” information republished as there is no practical way to identify such content. Also, all data that was obtained from third party sources had at one time been released by an official government agency into the public domain and again would be protected by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Cox Broadcasting vs. Cohn (1975). If a SOR database profile includes a juvenile that had the criminal conviction “sealed”, it obviously was public long enough to be in the public domain and republished by the third party source that was utilized in its creation. Again, even beyond the legal considerations that such a profile is properly displayed, there is no knowledge of any profile at issue existing.


There is no knowledge of any profiles in the SOR database that are “either incorrect or blatantly false.” The only issue that occasionally occurred was a profile of an individual that had been “EXONERATED” of the charges – found to be NOT GUILTY as originally determined by the Court. Although not required to remove such a profile by law, the SOR websites would deactivate such a profile free of any charges upon confirmation that any conviction had been reversed and the individual was ‘EXONERATED.” This did not apply to an individual that had received an “EXPUNGEMENT” of the conviction as that is a totally different legal situation and remedy, one that did not justify or qualify for removal from the SOR database.

The information provided by the SOR database is not edited in any manner. It is disseminated in whatever form and provides the information as that originally obtained from the third party sources. It should also be noted that experience proved hundreds, if not thousands of such claims were made by the convicted sex offenders to the SOR websites and less than 1% (if any) were ever found to have any validity on any level. They would lie – period. First, claiming a change of address or other differences of a minimal significance constitutes “blatantly false” data is not supported by the legal precedent throughout the country and supported in all levels of court proceedings. Second, changes in the specific data such as a current address are not the responsibility of the SOR database to maintain and update. This issue is clearly addressed in the disclaimers found throughout the SOR websites and specifically on each individual profile page. The information as displayed in the SOR database were obtained from the third party sources and are depicted exactly as the information was received. There is not even the capability to make changes and/or edit this information within the functionality of the SOR database. What is displayed and disseminated online is exactly what was released by the original government agency into the public domain.


First, it is unclear who exactly and what constitutes a person to be classified a “victim” as stated in the IC3 “scam alert.”A clarification of what exactly constitutes a convicted sex offenders now being classified as some kind of “victim” – of what exactly (?) – would be required. Was it their mug shot and data being disseminated on the internet? Such a distinction would also have to include a whole lot of government agencies providing registries as dictated by state statutes – the law – being “victims.” The SOR database consists of factual public records of convicted sex offenders obtained from third party sources. As the case law and Section 230 of the CDA clearly establishes the profiles disseminated via the database are legal, these were not “victims” of anything. They are the convicted perpetrators of heinous crimes. Second, it was an occasional occurrence where additional information was requested. However, this had nothing to do with an attempt of “identity theft.” To make such a claim it would require that an actual case of “identity theft” had occurred. Of course, this never happened with any transaction associated with the SOR websites. There has never been any accusation whether by a private party or any law enforcement agency claiming SOR websites had engaged in “identity theft.” Third, there are legitimate reasons to require this additional information. When the person paid via credit card using the merchant account versus PayPal it was requested that a faxed copy of the Driver’s License be sent. It was requested by the merchant account provider as a proof of authorization as is on occasion a requirement for online transactions by many websites. Also, court records proving that a convicted sex offender had been EXONERATED (expungement was not an accepted removal criteria) of the charges proved by court documentation would be requested occasionally. It is important to note that hundreds of profiled individual falsely claimed their conviction didn’t occur – it was amazing the degree of emphatic denials that were simply ridiculous (lies). A standard response was the request to provide the court documentation that would establish the individual had been EXONERATED of the charges. The reality is that would end 99.9% of all such claims. There were many legitimate reasons to require additional information which did occasionally occur, but only a small percentage (less < 5%) of the time. That said there still was never any claim of “identity theft” associated with information provided to the SOR websites.


There have repeatedly been accusations against the SOR websites that payment had been made to remove a profile only to remain in the database and continued to be disseminated online. This NEVER occurred. When confronted with this accusation, whether by the individuals profiled, government agencies or by the media, the response by SOR websites has always been the same – identify one profile that this occurred. The response requesting an example has only been met with silenceEVERY time without exception. The misrepresentation that has been utilized to sell this fallacy is the $79.00 payment for an “expedite” review – not the $499.00 removal request. There wasn’t a misunderstanding that occurred; it is the intentional distortion/misrepresentation by the convicted sex offenders to falsely discredit the SOR websites. A FREE review of the validity of a profile was offered to any interested party that would be completed in 7-10 days. The SOR websites were under no obligation to offer a FREE review, it was the policy of the websites to display profiles that constituted a CONVICTION of sex offenses and allowed a profiled individual the opportunity to receive a free review upon request. If for some unknown reason the person required the review to be expedited and completed in 24 hours they could CHOOSE to pay the $79.00 “expedite” review fee. There were clear explanations made available prior to completing the “expedite” request clearly spelling out this option. That the convicted sex offenders would knowingly misrepresent this FREE service as a means to file a fabricated complaint with the authorities is further evidence of the nefarious agenda that was perpetrated by RSOL and Offendextortion. Only a moron could have misunderstood the clear options made available and the terms of service. It has been the ongoing effort of the opposition of convicted sex offenders to falsely depict the reality of such a transaction in order to garner the attention of law enforcement. The main point is that a removal was never paid for without the profile being deactivated from dissemination on the SOR websites – NOT ONE.  A review of the FACTS proves what did and did not occur and there will never be evidence produced to refute this assertion. Not ONE example of a profile removal being paid for that was not honored has ever been brought forward to substantiate the many “complaints” filed with authorities.


When a profile is deactivated from the SOR database it no longer is available to be viewed on ANY of the SOR websites. The database functionality was designed in such a manner that it is impossible for the profile to be deactivated on one site and still appear on another. It really is fundamental MySQL database management. This is one of the fallacies found in the large number of false and fabricated complaints filed with the authorities against the SOR websites. The irrefutable facts support that claims asserting a profile had been removed from one website but would appear on another is simply not possible and the database source code proves it. It is further evidence of the deceit and a concerted effort to misrepresent the facts by these convicted sex offenders in filing their false and fabricated allegations against the SOR websites.


The SOR websites would once again challenge the designation of “victims” by the IC3. The convicted sex offenders having their factual criminal history disseminated by the SOR websites are NOT “victims,” and the ones who filed false and fabricated complaints to authorities are the perpetrators of a crime – AGAIN. The SOR websites did NOT threaten “to escalate the damaging information” against anyone. What the SOR websites have posted are factual rebuttals to repeated attacks based on lies and intentional misrepresentations. Further, the rebuttals were exclusive to a small group of particular antagonistic opposition parties who made it a repeated practice to attack the SOR websites and individuals associated with the websites in a personal and vitriolic manner. There was not some overall program in place to identify the many convicted sex offenders with a SOR database profile and provide additional information when they would attack the SOR websites with false and fabricated “complaints.” The list of identified perpetrators of harassment, attacks and lies can be limited to specific individuals such as: David Ellis – Adam Galvez – Glenn Wyrick – Jeremy Ryan Graves – Gordon Grainger – Melvin Dominque – Janice Bellucci – Robert Anglen. The misconduct of these individuals has been well documented with specific allegations and FACTS as to their malfeasance.

What is important to convey is any content posted to address the attacks received by opposition parties against the SOR websites was not in retaliation but a justified defense for repeated and abusive attacks coming in many forms from the named antagonist. The only way to combat the overwhelming personal assaults being directed toward the SOR websites, and more specifically the individuals associated with the operations, was to present a factual depiction of what was occurring and by whom. The old adage “they started it” applies and it was FORCED upon the SOR websites to respond with the factual disclosure of circumstances as a defense when no other alternative was available. Other options had been attempted, including meeting with law enforcement to report documented death threats and pervasive harassment that also included family members. The surprising and unexpected response was that there was NOTHING the Police could do until there was an actual physical attack upon a person or their family members. The question at that point was a matter of what is someone to do in such a situation. The answer was to publicize the threats and the party making them in an attempt to expose what was happening in a manner that would serve as a deterrent. The theory being the parties involved could not act upon their stated objectives as they had already been identified as likely suspects. It may sound like a crazy rationalization, but it must be taken into account the number and intensity of the threats to really appreciate the need to devise some sort of defense strategy for what was occurring (well documented).


It is important to articulate the different online environment occurring in June 2013 as opposed to today (2016) in regard to so-called “mug shot” websites. It is important to note that the SOR websites did NOT fit into this emergence of new “mug shot” websites as ALL profiles found in the SOR database only consist of individuals CONVICTED of sex offenses. Back in 2013 there were many of these “mug shot” websites online and new ones were popping up on an almost daily basis and there was no distinction from a profiled individual being merely accused of a crime vs. being convicted of a crime. A law enforcement agency would post yesterday’s arrested online and it was made available as a public record released into the public domain – open to collecting and republishing on a “mug shot” website. The fact is a talented database developer could build a system to “scrape” the new content of recently arrested individuals from official government websites found throughout the country gathering new content daily. It is understandable that this issue began to get the attention of the law enforcement as there was the possibility of abuse of such sensitive information being so readily available. There is no question that these websites could be started easily and they may or may not operate “legally.” You couple this new online concern with the reality of a large number of “complaints” being generated by the following of RSOL and Offendextortion in a planned and specifically coordinated attack against the SOR websites and it created the appearance of impropriety. It is the culmination of these events that created a perfect storm environment of abuse to falsely implicate the SOR websites for misconduct that had not been committed. This of course was much to the delight of the convicted sex offenders filing false and fabricated complaints as it was their stated goal to devise a strategy to enlist law enforcement to circumvent the SOR websites operations in hopes of eliminating the dissemination of their factual criminal histories to the general public.

In 2016 you no longer see the online proliferation of the “mug shot” websites as they have for the most part gone the way of the dodo bird.  The relevance and need to counter the proliferation of new “mug shot” websites appearing weekly has been eliminated – not by the FBI/IC3 – but by Google search result algorithms and credit card processing restrictions. If the same strategy was to be deployed today by the same convicted sex offenders there would be no interest in the false, fabricated and hyperbole of their complaints as it would be immediately and easily recognized for the charade it was and has always been.


That the TRUTH is a source of embarrassment and inconvenience to the convicted sex offenders profiled in the SOR database is unfortunate but to be expected. The SOR websites are far more concerned for victims and/or their families. The SOR websites believe the communities Right To Know far supersede the desire of convicted sex offenders to hide in anonymity. The double standard and hypocrisy demonstrated by the “scam alert” published in 2013 by the IC3 is preposterous in regard to ANY conduct associated with the SOR websites. The SOR websites did NOT engage in the conduct as detailed in the posting of the IC3. If it is the contention of the IC3 that convicted sex offenders can file frivolous complaint after complaint, post malicious tirades, make direct threats of physical violence, list not only names but addresses, phone numbers and call upon other CONVICTED sex offenders to actively harass and threaten people associated with the SOR websites– which apparently is perfectly reasonable and should be expected – that is NOT acceptable. What is falsely portrayed as “using mug shots to extort victims” if referring to the SOR websites was the LEGAL dissemination of factual criminal histories of CONVICTED sex offenders that had been released into the public domain by official government agencies. The laws (Section 230 of the CDA) and ALL the court rulings up to the U.S. Supreme Court have validated the legal authority to provide this content. Any content claimed to be retaliation by the SOR websites that purportedly “threatened to escalate the damaging information against the victims” is nothing more than a required, justified, and ALWAYS factually accurate (supported with evidence/documentation) RESPONSE/DEFENSE against the vitriol assaults of specific identified irrational zealots determined to harass and threaten the SOR websites into silence for their own nefarious purpose. Their end goal being to ultimately suppress everyone’s Right To Know negative information of their misconduct. They operated to achieve their stated agenda with no regard to the FACTS, the TRUTH or the LAW.


The opposition by their filing false and fabricated complaints with authorities has operated under the mistaken assumption that the SOR websites cannot respond to their attacks and lies. They believed the SOR websites would be silenced. They believe others who disagree and/or oppose them do NOT have the same rights to express opinions and perspectives that contradict and/or disprove their self-serving rhetoric and blatant lies. They believe their hypocrisy can go forward unchallenged. They are mistaken in such assumptions and exposing their disturbing dogma is supported by the laws and rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – Freedom of Speech. By all means the opposition may express whatever opinions, perspective and nonsense they wish to their following of like minded CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS and supporters. Conversely, the SOR websites and any parties in agreement may exercise their Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press to protect the general public’s Right To Know. There is NO concern by the SOR websites for the desire of convicted sex offenders to suppress and hide the knowledge of their heinous crimes and factual criminal history from our communities.

After years of enduring the barrage of false and fabricated “complaints” vindication is finally being realized by the SOR websites. One so called “victim” William Nail was exposed for his SCAM lawsuit in Michigan with TWO Federal Judge’s ruling against his attacks with very harsh and specific language identifying his claims as meritless (February 2016). The so-called “identified victim” Andre Wilson of Las Vegas, Nevada will be similarly revealed as a charlatan in Federal court in March 2016. This will be a third Federal Judge to exonerate the SOR websites of these bogus attacks. And finally after three long years of weathering the lies and deceptions in Arizona Federal court, the day of reckoning will be upon attorney Janice Bellucci. She orchestrated a conspiracy to commit fraud by manufacturing a fabricated lawsuit involving false allegations that purportedly occurred in seven states. The claims are blatant lies. Just one of many factual examples is the orchestrated payments by six John Doe plaintiffs for an “expedite review” all occurring during a planned 10-day period. The lawsuit alleged all six of these “expedite review” requests were payment for REMOVALS that were not honored by the SOR websites. Again – ALL timed and carried out as a planned conspiracy of fraud in a10-day period. It is generally the parties who initiated a lawsuit to be anxious to have “their day in court” as soon as possible. It is telling that in this case it has been the complete opposite. It has been the SOR websites pushing to get the TRUTH of the false and fabricated allegations of the lawsuit into the courtroom before a judge and jury. The so-called “identified victims” have repeatedly sought postponements, delays and outright avoidance of a conclusion before the court. Their evasion tactics have run their course, the day of reckoning is set and they know it. A fourth Federal judge will finally have the opportunity to preside over the disclosure of exactly what was been perpetrated by attorney Janice Bellucci and her co-conspirators. It has been a long a difficult road but it was always believed that in the end the TRUTH would prevail.


“The North America Man-Boy Love Association. They are a group of men, mostly over 30, who like to date/have sex with underage boys. They like to use historical “evidence” like how in ancient Greece, this sort of thing was tolerated, to try and support their movement.”




Don’t Bother Appealing  Federal Judge Says “appeal of this matter would not be taken in good faith”

David W Nail
David W Nail
View photos: 1 Last known address:
IN 00000Age: 57  Gender: M
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Weight: 155
Build: Average
Race/Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Hazel



A victory for Freedom of Speech and the People’s Right to Know is secured in Federal Court to start off the new year of 2016. There are a few more to come in the very near future. Fighting off yet another frivolous lawsuit, this one in the United States District Court Western District of Michigan Southern Division, the allegations against Defendants associated with the websites, and (websites) were DISMISSED of all claims.

The Plaintiff, David Nail, had been charged and convicted of Child Abduction in the State of Indiana. As a result of that conviction, government officials released the details of the crime and his mugshot associated with the crime onto the State of Indiana Sex Offender Registry (ISOR). As the information was released as a public record into the public domain, it was legally obtained and republished exactly as depicted by the ISOR on the websites. David Nail decided to utilize the Federal Courts as a means to intimidate and harass the factual republishing of his conviction in an attempt to silence anyone that may expose the truth of his criminal history. He is fortunate Michigan has not yet implemented the Anti-SLAPP legislation (laws addressing strategic lawsuit against public participation – SLAPP) currently under consideration. Laws such as those found in Indiana where the alleged events actually occurred and are currently found in 28 states that have enacted Anti-SLAPP legislation. In some states such as California and Washington the penalties associated with filing such frivolous, abusive and harassment motivated agendas are becoming increasing harsh to the perpetrators – such as David Nail. The consequences of his abuse of process and malicious prosecution when using the Federal Court system to thwart the First Amendment Rights of private citizens could have been turned back upon him with significant penalties. The case being in Michigan, it was simply DISMISSED.

The Dismissal is still a momentous confirmation of the legal validity of the websites, and The Federal Courts continue to Rule with resounding support for the legal right of privately operated websites to make public records released into the public domain available for review by the general populace. In the Michigan Federal Court Order, the Honorable Ellen S. Carmody clearly recognized the ridiculousness of the claims brought forward by David Nail when stating: “The Court need not accept as true, however, factual allegations which are ‘clearly irrational or wholly incredible.’ Denton v. Hernandez, 504 U.S. 25, 33 (1992).”


Once again a Federal Court has reviewed the facts and the applicable laws and has issued an overwhelming Ruling that exonerates the websites of ANY inappropriate conduct. The dictates and protections found in Section 230 of the CDA are applicable in the republishing and online dissemination of the factual details of convictions of sex offenses as those found on the websites. The Honorable Susan E. Carmody addresses the many issues thoroughly and articulates a legal analysis that cannot be improved upon with a synopsis. The best presentation is simply providing the actual words as written:

“Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) provides, in relevant part, that “[n]o provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1). The term “interactive computer service” is defined as “any information service, system, or access software provider that provides or enables computer access by multiple users to a computer server, including specifically a service or system that provides access to the Internet and such systems operated or services offered by libraries or educational institutions.” 47 U.S.C. § 230(f)(2). This definition encompasses “broadband providers, hosting companies, and website operators.” Jones v. Dirty World Entertainment Recordings, LLC, 775 F.3d 398, 406 n.2 (6th Cir. 2014) (emphasis added).


Simply stated, § 230 of the CDA “bars lawsuits seeking to hold a service provider liable for its exercise of a publisher’s traditional editorial functions – such as deciding whether to publish, withdraw, postpone or alter content.” Id. at 407. It has been recognized that the immunity afforded by § 230 of the CDA “marks a departure from the common-law rule that allocates liability to publishers or distributors of tortious material written or prepared by others.” Id. As courts also recognize, “Congress, however, decided to treat the Internet differently.” Id. Courts are instructed to interpret “broadly” the immunity afforded by § 230 and “close cases. . .must be resolved in favor of immunity.” Id. at 408. Moreover, the immunity afforded by § 230 extends to state law claims as well. See 47 U.S.C. § 230(e)(3) (“[n]o cause of action may be brought and no liability may be imposed under any State or local law that is inconsistent with this section”).


The immunity afforded by § 230, however, is not without limits. While a provider of an “interactive computer service” is generally entitled to immunity, as noted above, such is not the case where the provider of an “interactive computer service” is also deemed to be an “information content provider” vis-a-vis the content in question. Id. An “information content provider” is defined as “any person or entity that is responsible, in whole or in part, for the creation or development of information provided through the Internet or any other interactive computer service.” 47 U.S.C. § 230(f)(3). Stated differently, “immunity under the CDA depends on the pedigree of the content at issue.”Jones, 775 F.3d at 409. Accordingly, if a website operator is merely displaying or allowing access to information or content from a separate and distinct “information content provider,” the website operator enjoys immunity. Id.


Thus, the question becomes whether Defendants can be said to have developed the objectionable information. In this context, development considers what, if anything, the website provider did with or to information created by or obtained from a third party. Id. at 409-11. To constitute development, the website provider must do more than display or allow access to content created by a third party. Id. at 410. Even “augmenting” the content in question does not constitute development. Id. To constitute development, the website provider must take action which “contributes materially to the alleged illegality” of the conduct or content.Id. As the Sixth Circuit has held:

A material contribution to the alleged illegality of the content does not mean merely taking action that is necessary to the display of allegedly illegal content. Rather, it means being responsible for what makes the displayed content allegedly unlawful. Id.


Plaintiff merely alleges that Defendants operated a website which posted, or directed individuals to, information created by a third party. Plaintiff alleges that this conduct constitutes various torts under state law. As discussed above, however, Defendants enjoy immunity from such claims.”


In a rare preempted notice of just how frivolous and transparent the efforts of David Nails to abuse the judicial process were, the Judge expresses the strong convictions of how asinine the lawsuit really was and not worthy of serious consideration when closing the Order by conveying: “The undersigned further recommends that appeal of this matter would not be taken in good faith. See McGore v. Wrigglesworth, 114 F.3d 601, 611 (6th Cir. 1997); 28 U.S.C. § 1915(a)(3). ELLEN S. CARMODY, United States Magistrate Judge.”

Thank you Judge Ellen E. Carmody for your diligent efforts in administering justice and exposing such frivolous litigation as that initiated by David Nail for the charade it was.





As reported last month, a resounding victory was obtained in Federal Court with the DISMISSAL of another frivolous lawsuit filed in the United States District Court Western District of Michigan Southern Division. The update is that as expected the convicted felon David William Nail of Coldwater, Michigan challenged the ruling of Judge Ellen S. Carmody in her determination that the SOR websites accessing the database of archived public records released into the public domain were protected by IMMUNITY based on the dictates of Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. The expected merit less legal challenge submitted by the convicted felon David Nail against the rulings of Judge Carmody was required to be reviewed by yet another Federal Judge. The great news is that after again thoroughly arbitrating the legal and factual basis of the ridiculous claims before the Court, the second Federal Judge, the Honorable Janet T. Neff, emphatically supported ALL of the previous rulings.


The final ruling of Judge Neff did not require the extensive breakdown of all the relevant legal analysis as that put forth by Judge Carmody. What is worth noting in Judge Neff’s final ruling is:


·         The Court determines that the Magistrate Judge properly conducted the review of Plaintiff’s Complaint required by 28 U.S.C. § 1915(e)(2) and properly concluded that Plaintiff’s allegations fail to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. Plaintiff’s objections are therefore denied.


·         Plaintiff is proceeding in forma pauperis, and this Court certifies, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1915(a)(3), that an appeal of the Judgment would not be taken in good faith. See McGore v. Wrigglesworth, 114 F.3d 601, 610 (6th Cir. 1997), overruled on other grounds by Jones v. Bock, 549 U.S. 199, 206, 211-12 (2007).


This is not just a GREAT victory for the SOR websites, but a victory for Freedom of Speech 1st Amendment considerations and the People’s Right to Know. Thank you Judge Neff for defending the U.S. Constitution and the overwhelming legal precedents found throughout the justice system from the U.S. District Court level to all eleven (11) U.S. courts of appeal (or circuit courts) and finally the U.S. Supreme Court. The next step will be to implement the proper legal response to address the lies and false claims brought forward by perjurers such as David Nail and all others so that they are held accountable for their atrocious Abuse of Process and Malicious Prosecution. The new year of 2016 has started in triumph, and more are to come in the U.S. District Courts of Arizona and Nevada. You will be appropriately updated upon confirmation of the victories coming forthwith. Until then….


NEXT UP Andre Wilson Las Vegas Nevada ..


Stay Tuned For The Full Story..

Andre Wilson

Andre Wilson Convicted Sex Offender

Last known address: Nevada
Las Vegas   NV 89110

Age: 45  Gender: M
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Unknown / Unspecified
Eye Color: Unknown / Unspecified

Offense: crim sexual contact, 4th degree, 2cts


American Aerospace Technical Castings FRAUD


Major David Ellis / David Pacheco UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION


False claims made by retired Major David Ellis USMC in civil court case backfire & trigger multiple federal criminal investigations against him and his company American Aerospace Technical Castings and some employees.

Whistle Blower Says: “Think Twice Before Taking A Flight” “He Falsified Test Results”

A Back Door Program Was Created To Fix The Numbers”  


Major David Michael Ellis President Of AATC INC American Aerospace Technical Castings





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Printer Friendly Dan Warner Complaint Part 3 Click Here

Printer Friendly Daniel R Warner Complaint Part 2 Click Here

Printer Friendly Daniel Warner Complaint Part 1 Click Here

Many have asked questions Daniel R Warner  @ in regards to why he withdrew from the 2 cases. There have been many false accusations on this subject made to the courts as well as the public and the media (Yes Robert Anglen) For those that would like to know the true and factual story take the time to read both parts of the entire complaint.

Attorney Dan Warner @ often brags about his good grades at Thomas L Cooley Law school and his high bar exam scores – what he does NOT mention is the “Thomas L Cooley Law School” is at Western Michigan University and is literally one of the worst rated law schools in the country. The application acceptance is 86% vs less than 10% at the top law schools. What this means is people who apply and go to Thomas L Cooley Law is because possibly denied somewhere else and it was the one school that would let them in. I just think it is an insight into his psyche with his bragging making it sound like some great achievement when in fact it is a “Stop bragging” – he gets away with it because people have never heard of the law school and really don’t care. He seemingly hides it by naming the law school and not Western Michigan University where people would being saying – Western Michigan University – what the F is that? As anything in life do your homework before making important decisions such as legal representation.

UPDATE; Attorney Daniel Warner Has Now Come Forward & Acknowledges The Defamatory Article Was In Fact Posted On His Website And Has Named “Barri Grossman”  “Independent Contractor” as the culprit that wrote the defamatory article about Chuck Rodrick and then posted it on the website “without the firms authorization”  We have our  serious doubts that this “Barri Grossman”  ever  worked for Dan Warner @ let alone buy the story that she decided over a year after the trial to take it upon herself to  write such a defamatory article about Chuck Rodrick and then take it upon herself to then post it without any knowledge of the firm. We would like to investigate more into this and find the (“Marketing Consultant”  Barri Grossman to determine if this is in fact a true submission to the Arizona State Bar by Dan Warner or is this a sham by  Anyone with information please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. A SUBSTANTIAL REWARD FOR INFORMATION  IS OFFERED THAT HELPS UNCOVER THIS SHAM. EVEN MORE SUBSTANTIAL IF BARRI GROSSMAN CONTACTS US DIRECTLY.


Violating his ethical duties and obligations as an attorney as defined by the Arizona Duties and Obligations as defined within Rule 41(a), 41(f) and 41(g), Ariz. R. Sup. Ct.. Also, Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct contained within Rule 42, Ariz. R. Sup. Ct., by engaging in repeated instances of violating ER 1.1, ER 1.2,ER 1.3, ER 1.4, ER 1.5, ER 1.6, ER 1.7, ER 1.8, ER 1.9, ER 1.16, ER 1.18, ER 3.1, ER 3.2, ER 3.4, ER 3.5, ER 3.6, ER 4.1, ER 4.4, ER 7.1, ER 8.3 and ER 8.4. The seriousness and scope of the misconduct perpetrated by  DanWarner over an extended period of time calls for an extensive review of the entire circumstances outlined below. It is requested that the Review Department order that Dan Warner be disbarred from the practice of law in this State and his name be stricken from the roll of attorneys

Below is the detailed bar complaint filed in Arizona against”Defamation Attorney” Daniel R Warner Kelly Warner Law Firm when he defamed his own client on his own firms blog @ which spread to other blogs. (Just one of many claims) The Arizona State Bar now has not one but 2 investigators looking into the matter. The lawsuit against Dan Warner The firm and others is pending.

A supplement to  the complaint below is in process for additional violations of attorney Dan Warner recently uncovered.

For A Printable PDF Click Here

Judge Katherine Cooper Update:

THE LONG OVERDUE OFFICIAL 52  PAGE JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT COMPLAINT AGAINST JUDGE KATHERINE COOPER HAS BEEN FILED. This should bring to light what exactly happened in this case as it relates to Judge Cooper. 

For those that do not quite get the significance of this Michael Kent Krause was the live in boyfriend of Judge Katherine Cooper and was listed on the exact same sex offender website in which  was the main focus of the lawsuit discussed throughout this website ( Judge Cooper was making rulings in the case for nearly 2 years.

Click To See The Michael Kent Krause Sex Offender Record

This Judicial complaint is posted here solely for the purpose of  showing exactly what happened in CV 2013 003800 as viewed by some involved in the case. The matter is in the hands of the Supreme Court to investigate and decide if Judge Cooper violated any rules or is guilty of any misconduct. The results and other filings are public on the Arizona judicial decisions website  a link will be posted here when the investigation has concluded. The 52 exhibits are withheld and are in the hands of the Judicial Misconduct Commission and will not be released while the investigation is active.





Attorney Anne Williams                           Timothy_Bowen Gilbert School Teacher


Attorney Anne Michael Williams                                                 Timothy Bowen Gilbert School Teacher & Member

UPDATE: The court case against Attorney Anne Williams & Timothy Bowen has just been settled however the investigation continues..

The complaint against Tempe Arizona Attorney Anne M Williams fits directly into this case. Attorney Anne Williams decided to once again interject herself in cases she has no business, this time conspiring with Major David Ellis by purchasing a judgement directly from her law client David M Ellis in an attempt harass and to to evade the courts orders. Anne Williams made multiple attempts to hide the truth and to avoid the thousands of dollars in sanctions against Anne Williams her husband Timothy Bowen and even Anne & Tim’s attorney John Starkey . Fortunately the judge quickly saw through this shady attempt and sanctioned Anne Williams and Timothy Bowen and even John Starkey over 14,000.00 Anne Williams was also reprimanded by the Arizona State Bar for ethical misconduct last year and a malpractice suite was filed against both Anne Williams and Timothy Bowen ( Timothy Bowen is 4th grade teacher at the Gilbert School District however is also a member of the firm) . Attorney Anne Williams has also been accused of multiple counts of fraud in regards to her insurance applications and representations to the state bar.



Anne M Williams Fraud Bar Complaint




Attorney Janice Bellucci Fails To Respond To Her Own SHAM Lawsuit




Judge Bolton released Oesterblad for the SECOND TIME in 30 months. This comes on the heels of 6 convicted sex offenders and their claims were given their walking papers by Judge Bolton.

The Recent Filing Below By Ex Defendant Oesterblad  barely touches on all the issues however does expose dozens of blatant lies that Bellucci knowingly perpetrated in this sham of a lawsuit, Attorney Janice Bellucci did not have a reasonable LEGAL OR FACTUAL BASIS to even answer the sham fraudulent lawsuit she herself filed. She simply ignored the case not to be heard from again.

Janice Bellucci has REFUSED to  serve the remaining summons directed at Oesterblad’s various business entities containing the same exact false allegations.  (Chances seem high she will remain silent and or in hiding)

The recent filing by Oesterblad requesting sealed documents seems to have a tone indicating that Janice Bellucci and possibly others may have a bumpy legal road